Q: Why are the rules being enforced so strictly on this forum?

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Frederik Magle

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A: I know from time to time it may seem like we (the regulators & admin team) are being too eager and strict in the enforcement of the Posting Guidelines, the rules about how to promote your music and web sites, etc.

Please allow me to explain the reason why the rules must be upheld on a forum: Basically the rules are necessary to keep the forums organised and easy to navigate, interesting to read, and inviting to new members so that the community may continue to expand.

For example: If advertisement (and asking for reviews) is allowed everywhere it will quickly become dominant. I know that because I've seen it happen not only on many other forums but also on this very forum, before we started to make rules about it (and enforce them...). Because of this, I've made a special section; The Music and Web Site Reviews Forum where members can get their creations reviewed. In order to avoid people just registering to advertise their music or web site and then disappearing after posting once or twice, only members with a post count of 10 or more can post in that section. 10 posts is not much at all, so it's not asking a whole lot of effort. If people are not willing to show that very small effort in return for getting their music advertised/reviewed, then they really should go elsewhere. (important note: I'm well aware that most people who breaks the rules do so by accident because they are not aware of them! In that case they are always given a friendly and constructive notice about it from one of the staff. The people that should go elsewhere are of course only people that deliberately and knowingly disregard the rules - they are not welcome and will be banned on repeat offenses, with no exceptions made)

This brings me to why it must be upheld strictly for everyone and every time: Simply to be fair and treat new members like equals. If one member gets "away with it", other members will ask why the rules only apply to them (they will and they do!...). One way to ensure that everybody can get along (as much as possible) and that Magle International Music Forums always will be an accommodating place with a friendly atmosphere is to make sure that everyone feels welcome. To secure that, favoritism must be avoided and new members treated alike.

If anyone have further questions please don't hesitate to ask them, I'll answer them as good as I can. But know that the rules are here to stay and will always be upheld - to the benefit of all members in the long run I hope
- that's the whole point.
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