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Welcome to the »Other Announcements & Promotion« Forum! This is a place where individuals, organizations, and companies with a commercial interest can make announcements about and/or advertise and promote almost anything related to music and other arts. »Commercial interest« in this case means most things involving or potentially leading to a monetary transaction, profit or non-profit.

Examples of this may be:
• Any person, organization or company with commercial interest (manager/public relations/publisher/etc.) promoting other people's music, CDs, concerts, art, etc.
• Any organization and/or business (or representative thereof) wishing to promote their (profit or non-profit) commercial services or products, whatever they may be.

However, if you are the artists yourself, or in no way involved with any kind of commercial interest, you may instead post in the Members' Music Announcements Forum (Read also this post for more information). If in doubt please contact us.

How to Post?

In order to post a new thread you need to become a "Subscriber. (Note that other members can always reply to your threads without restrictions). As a subscribing member of Magle International Music Forums you are helping the site paying for the many expenses associated with running a forum that is 100% free to use with the exception of posting in the Other Announcements & Promotion forum. In return you will be allowed to advertise in this forum, and posts you make here - unless violating the forum guidelines - will in all likelihood stay indefinitely (or as long as the forums exist) if you like - even if you stop being a Subscriber!

How to become a Subscriber?

In order to become a Subscriber you can sign up here (also accessible from your User Control Panel under "Paid Subscriptions") using PayPal*. You pay on a monthly basis and you may of course cancel your subscription at any time.

The price is as low as 0.83€ per month paid through PayPal*

When you have signed up...

After becoming a Subscriber (the process is automated after paying), you will have access to post up to seven new threads per 30 days in the »Other Announcements & Promotion« Forum (A limit imposed in order to give each thread maximum exposure). As a Subscriber you will also have access to a special "Subscribers Support Forum", where you can get help and support relating to your subscription. Other benefits includes being allowed to store up to at least 2500 private messages, increased space for uploading attachments and not seeing any ads on the forums.

Allowed & Disallowed Content

• Content in the Other Announcements & Promotion forum must be related to music and/or other arts (such as film, painting, graphics, architecture, literature, performing arts, etc.)
• We do not under any circumstances allow advertising in any way of illegal activities, copyright infringements, pornographic content, gambling, pharmaceutical products or businesses, pyramid schemes, or any other product or activity associated with "spamming" or shady/illegal activities. If you do post any thing of that kind it will be deleted, and on repeat offenses your access may be revoked, without a refund. So if in any doubt, please do contact us first.


Refunds are only issued at the discretion of Magle International Music ApS (Magle International). Prices and terms of service are subject to change without notice. The Administrators and moderators of the forum have the full right at any time to move, edit, or delete any posts without a refund being issued.

* Currently we only accept payments through
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