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My name is Blayne Edwards. I’m a writer who specializes in e-books. Unfortunately for my career and livelihood as the net is basically my “workplace” and the system by which I need to communicate with publishers, editors, and my peers, I have been dealing with a cyber stalker/hacker for almost two years now and it has made “working” very difficult to say the least.

I’m posting this today because not only do other women need to be warned about this person but also because I am no longer willing to allow him or his actions to be a negative or counterproductive influence in my life. This “man” is a misogynist who sees women as property, as toys, and as sex slaves (and he has used these exact words) who should exist merely for the pleasure of men. He also seems to be a wannabe sexual offender who gets off on hurting women but who hopefully doesn’t have the nerve to go out into the real world and find real victims.

Of course even if he hasn’t ventured out into the real world yet, that doesn’t mean he won’t venture out someday. Everyone knows that sexual offenders and power junkies play a psychological game with themselves and as they continue to victimize people it takes more and more depravity and sadism to give them the rush they seek. Obviously, unless someone stops him on here, when cyber stalking and virtual sexual abuse no longer give him the thrill he “needs”, this man could very well take his anger towards women and his desire to dominate, control, and abuse members of the female sex outside the net and use them to try and destroy someone’s real life. I don’t want to see that happen.

So I am taking something essential for his crimes away from him before it gets to that point. I’m destroying what gives him his power. The net provides him and the countless other net predators who lurk among us with secrecy. It allows them another world where they may hide so that they might do these things undetected and they think without any consequences.
Just like many of you probably are in the real world, I for one am not willing to simply let these men run over me or anyone else who might get caught in their traps so I’m doing something about it. I hope all of you will be willing to help.

What I’m doing is installing a very bright streetlight in the dimly lit alley where I was attacked because no matter what it takes to stop this person, and no matter who he REALLY IS or what the consequences of his own actions do to him or his own life - I am the LAST woman he will ever secretly stalk, try to control, or try to abuse.

This is a wake up call to at least one of those men who seems to see women as victims and playthings who exist solely for male amusement and pleasure (and you all know that there are others who see children this way as well and if enough of us work together we CAN significantly reduce their numbers and effects on our lives both in the virtual and real worlds as well) but he is one man who is going to learn to have some respect for the female sex before THIS woman is done with him.

The reason I’m using message boards as my podium is because this particular predator found me on the message boards at the old Nine Inch Nails official website. I went there because I was a huge fan of the band but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to merely enjoy the benefits of being a fan because of this person and what could only be described as his anger towards intelligent, independent, outspoken women. (It appears to be the typical “If I can’t have her, I’ll destroy her so that no one else can either” mentality that many formerly abused/neglected male children who unfortunately never get the help they need - and so they grow up to be very frightened and insecure men who cope with their anger by abusing women and others weaker than themselves - seem to have.)

As many cyber stalkers and cyber pedophiles do find their victims on message boards and in chat rooms I suspect places like this are exactly where he has found all of his victims (they NEVER stalk just one, you know…) and where he would have found his future victims had he not finally stalked the woman who WILL prove to be the end of his “fun” and hopefully the catalyst that finally forces the man to get the help he obviously needs.

When the abuse, hacking, and stalking began, I voiced my concerns over this person to the webmaster at and even to Trent Reznor himself. As IP’s are regularly recorded by webmasters, the computer of this individual could have easily been traced and banned by the officials at that site if they had cared enough about the safety of the millions of Nine Inch Nails fans who have gone over the years to the official website simply to learn about and support the band. Unfortunately, I did not even receive the consideration of a response from anyone in the NIN camp despite some VERY abusive and disruptive behavior by this man that was witnessed by many people on the site.

So…..because the abuse, hacking, and harassment not only continued but intensified – and allowing that possibly those messages had been intercepted by this person and therefore never received by the parties to whom they were sent, I also posted a complaint on the Echoing The Sound message board (the second largest site for Nine Inch Nails and other NOTHING Records bands) so it could definitely be seen by not only the moderators at that board but also by any other women who were obviously directly in his path and who he also might be harassing. At that board, I was very quickly told to “shut up”, called insane among other various derogatory names normally aimed at females, and my thread was locked so that no one else might add their own concerns about this person.

Sometimes the root of a problem becomes blaringly obvious. And sometimes there’s just no defense that can be offered to justify such careless disregard for the rights and privacy and lives of other human beings. This is one of those times.

Of course the question now becomes “Why didn’t you just go somewhere else where he wasn’t?” I did. Many times. I have also not only changed computers three times, but also done low level formats of the hard drive on my latest computer more times than I can count as well as changed my internet provider on this computer alone 4 times. I’ve bought new firewalls and routers and changed my user names and passwords and am now having to go outside my home in order to not be blocked from access to other people on the net as well as having to use long distance phone calls and snail mail as a way of communicating with editors and publishers when I should be able to simply use e-mail like the rest of the free world does. I have the option of changing my pen name and simply hiding from this man – and I have considered doing that.

But I’m not going to do that. I didn’t ask this man to interfere with my life as he has and I didn’t ask him to hack me or stalk me and since I’ve worked my ass off to build what bit of success in writing I’ve found, I am NOT going to give him that power over me by allowing him to take that away. On the contrary, in fact. At the risk of looking like someone who is using a bad situation for her own benefit, I’ll admit that I am in a way.

But the way I see it is that the alternative is to let this be something that could cause some very negative and destructive results in my life. And as someone who merely went to an internet site as a fan of someone else’s music and as someone who has never and WILL NEVER have any desire to destroy or disrupt or harm anyone’s happiness or life, I try to find opportunity and promise in bad situations – even for myself - instead of what they may seem to offer at first glance.

The truth about this man is that he is a very sick individual and he is obsessed with having complete control over SOMEthing or someone other than himself and his own life. That need for control seems to be what makes him do the things he does. And while simply telling someone to stop doing what they are doing is usually the best way to get a point across when dealing with most rational people, logic and reasonable methods of conflict resolution do not seem to work with him. So I’m having to take more extreme routes to let him know that I am NOT the person he is going to damage, harass, abuse, or control.

As for what to look for in case you may be one of his “toys”…..well, this person has repeatedly hacked in and taken complete control of my computer (making it a “zombie” in his network) in order that he might have control over the people with whom I have contact both in a professional and personal sense.
He erases messages HE decides do not need to be sent to certain professional and personal contacts.
He intercepts e-mails from editors on an almost daily basis and always adds something of his own - evidently in order to symbolize his “power” over me.

He hacked into a private “invitation only” chat group I belong to through my publisher and no longer “allows” any post of mine that I suspect he feels is inappropriate to be seen by the other writers (therefore creating an illusion of alienation when it would seem that everyone is ignoring me….a common method of control used by men who beat women is to make sure they have no one else to whom they may turn) or he posts responses under the names of the other writers while letting me know it is him. Certain words and phrases used over and over and over again are a common way cyber stalkers let their victims know it’s them without giving away their identity by using the same user name more than once. This method makes it virtually impossible for the victim to explain how they know it’s their stalker harassing them and not someone else without appearing as if they are imagining the whole thing. Among other things, my own stalker misspells any word such as “defense” and “sense” choosing instead to spell them “defence” and “sence” (I know this is him because I corrected him once at when he misspelled the word “offense” and he became very angry about that) and also uses the word “hi” – both small letters and inserted in strange locations during posts – the same tiny little greeting the writers of the MyDoom virus used in their message, oddly enough – as a way to let me know that he IS still following me/controlling my computer and contacts, etc.

If I try to use my home computer to speak to people on other boards about this problem – since my computer does seem to be under the control of his network - he simply erases the post before it can be posted or lets me post it and then registers numerous user names himself and unleashes a string of abusive replies and names (pardon the language, please but he enjoys calling women things such as cunt, Where, bitch, and slut if she says something he feels shouldn’t be said) in what I’ve learned is an attempt to make it appear as if there are several people on that board who think I am insane or stupid for being infuriated about the things this man is doing.

He has also repeatedly informed me that as long as I am running Windows XP and not using Mac products, or as long as I go anywhere where HE MIGHT BE - as if I could possibly know where he would be with him watching ME – that I “deserve to be hacked” (Of course the time honored “the bitch was asking for it” rapist defense here).

As far as real life, this man has researched my real name, the names of my family members, my phone number, my old workplace, my husband’s workplace, and he will frequently post that information in various locations and on sites where I am present. He also repeatedly did this on the old Nine Inch Nails board and once again, no one was willing to do anything about it for me by banning or blocking this man. He regularly calls my house just so he can hang up (and to let me know he’s “there” and some kind of real threat to me, I suspect…..stalking is a mind game where one person tries to instill fear in the other, I’ve found) and when I had an answering machine he would leave messages such as a computerized voice that merely said my name.

Most recently, since I have gone to both the police and the FBI about this problem and since I have made it very clear to this man that his actions are not only unwanted but criminal and subject to prosecution – he has started to make subtle threats of violence against me by way of posting stories (always including a key word of phrase of course so I’ll know it’s him) where I will be sure to see them. One such story was of how a wife and her husband were both stabbed to death (12 times each, I believe was said) by a jealous “ex- boyfriend” and another was of how an “ex-girlfriend” was once doused in gasoline and set on fire before “the lying Where” was put into the shower to put the flames on her now disfigured but still living body out and then dumped out at her best friend’s house.

This man is not an ex-boyfriend nor – as far as I can tell - is he anyone I know in real life. I do not know this man’s real name or where he lives or anything else about him except for the things he has done to me online. This is not a case of some net romance gone wrong. This is a case of a man who saw a woman talking to other Nine Inch Nails fans on a message board and who chose to stalk her.

And he has to be stopped before he stalks any more of you.

As I said, I believe that he works mainly by hacking into computers and making them part of a network which HE controls. He easily gets around routers and firewalls and any other software defense so don’t let anyone tell you that you are “protected” from this man or any other of his kind due to some computerized barrier you have installed. Also don’t let anyone say to you “just change user names” if you think he’s hacking you as well. This is yet another way he lets me know it’s him whenever I think I might possibly have found someone else who has been stalked by this man. He uses the question – worded exactly - “why don’t you just change user names?” when I ask if anyone else has had the problem.

I know I can find others he’s hacked. Possibly even more that he’s stalked. And possibly, if I can find enough people willing to voice their anger over these assholes who force us to deal with so many viruses and computer security issues instead of using their computer skills to keep the REAL predators out of our computer bases (we are at war with people who would LOVE to be able to read the information contained in our defense databases, you know?), companies like Microsoft might find a hell of a lot more than simple hacking going on in this guy’s computer.

This is a game to him. A video game. And he evidently sees the women – and men - who are trying to conduct business and live their lives while using the net as a method of communication as mere man made, graphic depictions of human beings and NOT as actual people who deserve the same respect and privacy he probably insists upon for himself.

He’s wrong. And even if he wasn’t wrong – which he still is – he’s a gamer who just met Lara Croft.

The ONLY WAY to stop men like this from invading our privacy and trying to control our lives is by way of exposing them and therefore taking their ability to hide – and thus their power - away from them.

THAT is what I’m doing here. I’m exposing him for what he really is and I’m telling all of his dirty secrets so that he can no longer lie to himself and think that he has some power over the people he is stalking.

It is and always has been my computer, my internet service, and MY LIFE. And it’s time he realized that. Make sure he and all the other domestic cyber terrorists know that the same applies to you and your life as well.


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sounds like a nice guy you have found you here... oh my.. what people hides out in the anonomity and chaoos of the web. Bizarre world.

Sorry to hear about this moron.