Royal Gala Concert Celebrating H.R.H. Prince Henrik, June 10th

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Frederik Magle

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On June 10th, 2004, at 19:00 hours there will be a gala/festival-concert in celebration of the 70th Birthday of Henrik, His Royal Highness The Prince Consort! The programme will consist of works by Maurice Ravel, Nies. W. Gade, Carl Nielsen, Giachino Rossini and Frederik Magle...

The concert takes place in Tivoli's Concert Hall (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the performers are The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Danish National Radio Choir (Conducted by the Conductor-in-Chief Thomas Dausgaard), the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir (Conducted by Ebbe Munk) and the soloists; Sine Bundgaard (soprano), Gert Henning Jense (tenor) and Bo Anker Hansen (bass/barytone).

This will be the first performance (of the first movement) of my symphonic work "Cantabile". The whole work consists of five movements or "symphonic poems" based on HRH Prince Henrik's collection of poems, "Cantabile". The work has been comissioned by the Danish Royal Family and is sponsered by the Royal Family and the Spies Foundation.

There will be public access to the concert and tickets can be bought through, amongst other places, Tivoli's ticket agency, but expect it to be sold out quickly!

For discussion of this, please go to this thread where I will also keep you posted on the progress of the work and other news about the concert.
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