Slaven Kolak

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Does anybody know this fantastic composer of Lounge/Chill-out music??
I have only heard 2 of his tracks (on the 2 recent Cafe del Mar compilations) but I would really love to hear more of his stuff...

All Shades of Blue is my definite favourite. It is so beautiful and has a narrative twist in the middle of the track which I find extremely surprising and perfect in every sense! The track starts out with 2-3 classical/folk inspired melodies elaborating each other, and you quickly get a feeling that these melodies will constitute the rest of the track with some variations (which would also be the case in 99% of all lounge music). But then, suddenly, he breaks into a deep epic synth theme which just knocks you out! To me, this track is a beautiful musical narrative (yes, narratives exist in electronic music as well) which connotes some very deep personal emotions, mixed with a chilly atmosphere. It is unique.

Anyone knows anything about this guy? I can't find anything about his music via Google :confused:



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Hello Rune ! I was told that somebody from Denmark made a wonderfull comments about my music in one music forum. It is a true that i never participate in forums, but this time i made an exception.I registered myself in order to salute you and to say thank you for such a wonderful comments about my music and such deep emotional understanding of it. I was really surprised and honoured to read your comments.Thank you very , very much. I never released any tracks except those two. Nobody was interested in doing it. I made those two tracks( together with another 8)- 10 years ago and i sent it to some record labels.It was rejected by all of them. When i almost forgot that i made some music , years ago, i had a call from Cafe de Mar........ I'm Croatian nationality , living in Spain. I'm Sound Engineer by profesion and at the moment I'm running a company called Mad Marx Audio( profesional sound and lighting ) and also i'm working with some artists as a producer , sound engineer or composer.You can contact me on my E-mail [email protected] . Again , thank you , it is a real pleasure to see that somebody is enjoying listening to your music. Take care


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That sounds like someone else I know named Skaven. Ever heard
of him? I listen to his music when I play Bejeweled or one of his
songs like Past the Chase.
judy tooley