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For the uninitiated.. After a five year silence, SoundDiary has finally releasing a follow up to CD 'A Book in My Hand' (2014). The guys are back and fans of high quality progressive rock music should be glad. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, this quartet is now features: Hannes Pichlmann (lead vocals, guitars), Stefan Pichlmann (keyboards, sampling), Merlin Hochmeier (bass duties), Clemens Langbauer (drums & percussion). Their most recent offering ‘Anamnesis (Letter In A Bottle)’ is a perfectly conceived concept album that functions like a suite of interconnected numbers totalling 73 + min. In terms of attitude and execution, this record works like a cohesive whole, linked by the music's ability to pass the onus of thought onto the listener. There are five multi-layering 'Acts' serving up here, and all of them intertwine in exciting way to run the gamut of emotions and moods. Each piece segues into the next seamlessly and carries passages filled with ebbs and flows. A great mix of tranquil beauty and potent segments, quirky turns and transitions abound but with emphasis on melodicism, the sensitive vocals enrich the sonic atmosphere. In that respect, 'Anamnesis (Letter In A Bottle)' is one of those albums which demands and withstands many repeated listening. It should be noted the material isn’t easy to categorize, though we can detect several touches of Pink Floyd, Spock’s Beard, Mostly Autumn, Porcupine Tree, Muse, Inner Odyssey, Threshold, Pineapple Thief, Dread Fascination and the ilk. And crucially, these references are never sticking out too much. Indeed, SoundDiary acknowledge the musical influences, while create their own sound full of diversity. Highlight of the album is the entire album. So I don’t think that a track-by-track analysis would be of any benefit to the reader. One conclusion can be derived: the nature of the subject matter and lot of the nuances and resonance will depend on your perspectives and experiences. Give it a try. :cool:

You also can get hold of a copy of CD from the bands website (link below).

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