Stampede in Bagdad because of suicide bomber fear...

Frederik Magle

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Well, it looks like this is one of those mornings with more bad news than usual from around the world.

In a tragic event at least 635 people have been killed and 237 others injured in a stampede on a bridge near a Shiite mosque in northeastern Baghdad, Iraq. It seems the panic erupted when someone screamed that there was a suicide bomber in the crowd.

It must be horrible living in constant (and unfortunately well-founded) fear like that. I can only hope for the best for the future of the Iraqi people... but fear the worst


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I saw it on texttv earlier today and I wasn`t to shocked to read about it and that scared me. You hear about innocent people getting killed in Iraq every day, so you are kind of getting used to it and you stop thinking about it as a real thing, maybe to protect yourself, from the horror of war?.
I couldn`t imagine living in constant fear and I can only hope, that one day the Iraqi people can live in a peaceful country



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I feel sorry for those people who live in baghdadm but at the same time, I am so glad I don't live there....I don't think I can handle staying there...