Suggestion: Show What Members Do


New member
There should be a place for instrument or some similar category that will encompass vocalists and composers.

When one looks at the Members List, it isjust a huge list of screen names, with no way to search criteria.

Frederik Magle

Staff member
That's definitely an idea for consideration. In any case, I can already now tell you and all other members that the next major upgrade of the forum software, which is currently in beta, and which I will implement as soon as it is stable and secure, will have significantly more options to customize user's profiles and adding content. Profiles can become like small home pages (if the member would like so, it's all customizable and up to the individual member) and additional parameters for searching profiles will possibly be added.

With that said, this is still primarily a discussion forum more than what is called a "social networking site"* (like MySpace, etc.), even though it will gain such functionality, so emphasis will continue to be on threads and posts. But rest assured, Magle International Music Forums is not standing still and will remain at the cutting edge :)


* = even though our kind of site is not called a "social networking" site, MIMF is actually a great place for "networking", posts and threads are just an important part of it, moreso than in "pure" networking sites.