Sunset for piano - Romantic piano music

Frederik Magle

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New romantic music for piano composed and performed by Frederik Magle. Sunset - A love song for piano with a touch of melancholy.

Today I'm releasing a gentle romantic piano piece which I call »Sunset« worldwide. I composed »Sunset« some years ago and right away I knew I wanted to publish it to a wide audience, but the right occasion didn't show up - until now...

I have carefully reworked it, recorded a brand new version, and am releasing it here in the highest possible audio quality. Enjoy! :)

UPDATE, February 2023: "Sunset for piano" Sheet music is now available as PDF download!
Click here to buy the »Sunset« for piano sheet music.
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Listen to Sunset on YouTube:


Click here to download a sample of »Sunset« (MP3)
(1:02 min., 1.2MB, 160kbps MP3)

(click on the cover to view a larger version)

Best regards :)
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