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Frederik Magle

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Welcome to the »Showcase Contemporary Classical Works« forum!

This is a place where composers can showcase and promote their own »classical« works and get constructive criticism (reviews) and comments from other users. Magle International Music Forums is very highly visited by web surfers and indexed daily by all the major search engines, so it can be of great benefit to promote your music in here. If you wish to showcase any music that does not primarily belong to the »contemporary classical« music genre, please do so in the Music & Website Reviews forum.

Note: Only members whom have made 10 or more posts have access to post a new topic in this forum. (But all members has access to write replies, so one way to reach the required post-count is to post feedback on the music of other members). Also note, only members with more than 500 posts (or subscribers) can start more than 2 new threads within every 10 days.