What is your favourite composer?


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wouldn't it be possible for you to elaborate a little on your posts in general in here... they come off a little "empty"...


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In what way is your list rubbish? - you've mentioned some of the "great" composers... - don't see any rubbish in that, but maybe if you could elaborate a bit on your choices it would be a more interesting discussion - a list in itself creates little to no discussion at all...

Robert Spriggs

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Bach can't be fogotten as THE master of harmony and counterpoint. Also hollywood wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Wagner.

Robert Spriggs

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Yes Korngold, how would they have made all of those great Errol Flynn movies without his scores! While were on that subject we can't forget Gershwin and my personal favourite Jerry Goldsmith.
But I think Wagner started the whole thing. His use of the orchestra was like an artist using a pallet. He knew exaclty how to 'paint' a scene.


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Beethoven's music is unmatched in terms of sheer emotional power, while Mozart's music in unmatched in terms of perfection, simplicity, and beauty. To state that one composer is "the greatest" is very tough, as music is fleating: it depends on your mood at any given moment, and taste fluctuates with time.

For example, Beethoven's 5th is universally acknowledged as a landmark in western music, yet it isn't always appropriate. I personally wouldn't put myself to sleep on it! By the same token, Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto is a marvel, but lacks certain components that Beethoven's 5th symphony possesses. This piece, on the other hand, is good sleeping music. Therefore my personal taste depends on my personal condition at any given time.

With all of this said, if I had to create a list of my favorite composers, I would most likely say Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Puccini, and Grieg.

Alex Tiuniaev

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1. Mozart (40th is my absolute favorite!)
2. Beethoven
3. Bach
4. Wagner
5. Liszt

As for Hollywood, Howard Shore is the best!


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My favorite is Mozart. Although that's probably more to do with seeing the movie "Amadeus" than anything else
That and one of my favorite metal bands(Children of Bodom) have done some songs based on pieces of Mozart's music. I like other composers like Liszt, Bach, Beethoven, and Shostakovich. I haven't completely dived into the world of classical music yet though, there's so much music it's hard to choose what to listen to first.

Ghost Note

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A lot has been said about western (in this case European) composers, but I would like to bring forth a composer from Japan, namely Jo Hisaishi. He mainly composes music for the Studio Ghibli productions (such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's delivery service...) and has for many years worked closely with the director(Hayo Miyazaki) of these movies. His style is a blend of western classical, but with hints of Japanese melodies and chordal flavourings which makes his music stand out as great anime soundtracks. Check out the soundtracks for the aforementioned movies.

Also on the subject of Japanese composers, seeing that I do not know of many female composers, I proudly introduce Yoko Kanno. A composer that doesn't adhere to one style, but goes from j-pop to classical music to electronica and beebop jazz, depending on what the project she is working on needs. Her music is not just dabbles at different genres, but successful works of music as she jumps from style to style. She is most famous for the soundtracks to Cowboy beebop (beebop jazz), the eightees "Macross" soundtrack and Ghost in the shell: standalone complex. A worthy mention is the soundtrack to Wolf's rain, wherein she mixes sorrowful melodies with great arrangements and ends up with music spanning several styles in order to give this beautiful anime series that little bit extra.


Ghost Note, Yup, both Yoko Kanno and Joe Hisaishi are awesome.
A soundtrack that particularily got my attention to Yoko Kanno is the soundtrack of Escaflowne, the Anime TV-Series. Awesome series and i strongly recommend it to anyone who is into Anime. And everyone else aswell!


Well, I find it hard to pick a favorite composer, I like so many. I find it easier to proclaim my favorite piece (as some of you may have noticed from previous posts I have made.) I guess one could say I have favorite works by many different composers; there is just so much good stuff to listen to.

Hooray for all composers!