What musical instruments do you have?

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Who wants to come tune my piano for me? i keep putting it off...that's the most boring thing in the world! blah.. I'm gonna have to do it soon though..

what kinda pianos and stuff do you guys all have? i have an acoustic guitar (a lauren), an electric guitar (a jackson), a classical guitar (can't figure out what this one says on the sticker), an acoustic bass guitar (a fender), and my piano's a conover cable company that's about to turn 100 in a year, my grandma bought it a long time ago and made me learn how to play it or else i wasn't allowed to get any other instrument...so i can play that best of all

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Re: Who wants to...

I have a Hornung & Møller Grand Piano
A Yahama Digital Piano
...and several other synthesizers and sound modules
I also have a violin,
2 trumpets,
1 trombone,
a traverse flute,
several recorders in different sizes,
a clarinet,
a bassoon
and a horn

I don't have an organ yet though


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Re: Who wants to...

hmm I have:
1 Hornung & Møller Grandpiano - from ca. 1846
1 Roland FP-5 digital stage piano
a couple of midi soundmodules and a Roland midi piano.
3 french horns (Alexander, Knopf and Holton)
1 marching french horn (King)
1 g-bugle/trumpet with a quarter valve (?)
1 blue nylon (was originally for steel strings but I got it changed to nylon) stringed guitar bought in a supermarket...
and a couple of recorders...
yeah... I think that's it... what I can remember anyway...


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Re: Who wants to...

I have nothing... but then again... I don't make music, so that might explain it.


Re: Who wants to...

Yep, that might explain it... still doesn't mean you should have nothing though! Go buy something, dude...even a plastic harmonica to annoy friends and family with..

Oh yeah, this is .Anon. again, just too lazy to put in my password on mozilla..

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Re: Who wants to...

To lazy to log in....eh?
Lazy...hmmmmm. Because of this you shall from now on be known as "Mr. Lazy"!!

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Re: Who wants to...

My main instrument is a Paxman Triple Horn (model L80 if I'm not wrong - to lazy to go and check) - and an old King Doublehorn.
2 trumpets (the one was my grandfathers. Made 1887. Can't play anymore, but is nice on the wall)
Roland RD-250s piano
several sound modules, effekt processors and so on
hva faen hedder en "dirigentpind i rosentræ" på engelsk??
2 recorders (don't know how to play them though)
4 meters of (vandslange -please help me again for the english word - could it be waterpipe???) with mouthpiece and a copper bell. I use it for a show I make in the lokal school every year for the 3. grades, when they have the opportunity to choose an instrument when they join the music school

That was what I could think of right now...



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Re: Who wants to...

dirigentstok i rosentræ = (conductor's)baton in rosewood
vandslange = garden/waterhose

you should try those recorders at one point
- heh...
I had a small collection of them at one point... and I remember taking my sopranino-recorder (in F) to a concert band rehearsal and playing the horn part in a Chess-medley - there's a passage at the very beginning where the 1st horn plays a melodic couterpoint to the melody - without much else in the band at that time... so it was quite audible... hehe... it was great fun...
- or what about "Entry of the Bojars" by Halvorsen, arranged (by yours truely) for recorder quartet


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Re: What instruments do you have?

I have a Yamaha pf80 Electric piano in my bedroom, which I need to play more!
Re: What instruments do you have?

I play the piano at uni aswell as the guitar and i'm a trainy opera singer!!you should practice nancyrowina becasue it makes you feel better!!
Take care
Lots of love


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Re: What instruments do you have?

I have...

Besson Sovereign Bb Cornet
Besson Sovereign Eb Tenor Horn
an old trumpet (forget the make)
several other old cornets
a battered trombone
a Yamaha electric Guitar
a Korg KARMA Synthesiser (my baby)
Several pieces of Korg gear (including KAOSS II Pad)
Casio Electric Piano
a very old, saggy and torn set of bagpipes I picked up at a car boot sale!!!


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Re: What instruments do you have?

In my home I have:

A Gerard Hienztman (spelled wrong) cabinet grand
Tiffany Flute (no one else has ever heard of this company, but it's just the perfect size for me)
My grandmothers pump organ (still works, but none of the stops are labled)
Guitar (no wait, my sister stole that)
Alto Recorder
a pair of africa drums 'borrowed' from my church
A random assortment of rhythm gear
LOTS of Singing (both parents, fiance, and myself)

Wow, I thought I was going to be left in the dust on this one, but apparently not quite *grin*


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Re: What instruments do you have?

I plap electric guitar badly
I play acoustic guitar slightly better
I play bass guitar well
I play classical guitar incredible badly

The only instrument I currently own is a Fender Bass guitar


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Re: What instruments do you have?

I have

6 Piece Pearl Drumset w/ 6 Zylicgation ( Sorry for spelling ).
I have a Yammha keyboard, not sure what the name is but it did count one grand so it's pretty good. I also gut a gutair but I don't know how to play it and along with that I got a organ with some out to lunch features.
So yeah, I mostly play drums and have been for the last 6 years.

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Re: What instruments do you have?

Roland PC180A midi keyboard controller, a few shakers and a small thumb piano.

Ambition- to own a saxophone. Not because I can play it. I just love it


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Re: What instruments do you have?

I (or rather my parents) have a Kemble Upright piano,
an acoustic(sp) violin(my dads)
a Carlo Giordani(sp) Electric violin
and a descant recorder(I borrow my mum's tenor and base)

Oh and my voice


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Re: Who wants to...

I have a piano....(really old by the way) a keyboard, also really old, a single F. Horn, two mellophones and a double F. Horn.