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Wonderful 20th century organ concerto


Admiral of Fugues
I've been listening to a fabulous recording of a really exciting 20th century organ concerto: William Lovelock. It's really thrilling, and in true Lovelock fashion the final movement (4th) opens with a scintilating fugue on with the strings. My recording's with Sydney Symphony but I've no idea of where it was recorded (very, very audible pedal clacking, so can't be Opera House ... hmmmmmm)

I did some snooping and came up with this (would appear it was recorded on the monster at Sydney Town Hall):

Here's my source!


Organ spectacular.
Australia : ABC, p1994.
2 sound discs (CD) : digital, stereo. ; 12 cm.
Suite for organ and strings / Respighi -- Sinfonia concertante for organ / William Lovelock -- Concerto for organ, strings and timpani / Poulenc -- Three pieces for organ / Respighi -- Variations de concert / Bonnet -- Versets on Ave maris stella / Dupre -- Introduction and variations on a Polish noel / Guilmant -- Sonata / Raymond Hanson -- Concerto no. 3 for organ, strings and timpani / Langlais.
Lovelock: 39 min., 11 sec. ; Hanson: 7 min., 19 sec.
Recording level: AAA ; DDD
Capture session: Lovelock, Hanson and Langlais works recorded on the William Hill & Son Grand Organ, Sydney Town Hall. Respighi (Three pieces), Bonnet, Dupre and Guilmant works recorded on the Rudolph von Beckerath organ, Great Hall, University of Sydney. Respighi (Suite) recorded on the Roger Pogson organ in Mayne Hall, University of Queensland. Dupre, Guilmant and Hanson works: concert recording.
Performers: Robert Boughen (organ: Respighi - Suite ; Lovelock - Sinfonia concertante) ; Queensland Symphony Orchestra (Respighi - Suite) ; Vanco Cavdarski (conductor: Respighi - Suite) ; Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Lovelock - Sinfonia concertante ; Poulenc - Concerto ; Langlais - Concerto) ; Patrick Thomas (conductor: Lovelock - Sinfonia concertante ; Langlais - Concerto) ; Michael Dudman (organ: Poulenc - Concerto ; Bonnet - Variations ; Dupre - Versets ; Guilmant - Introduction and variations ; Langlais - Concerto) ; Leonard Dommett (conductor: Poulenc - Concerto) ; David Rumsey (organ: Respighi - Three pieces ; Hanson - Sonata).
AMC Library number: CD 199
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New member
I saw the thread title and anticipated you'd mentioned the Lovelock :) It's a marvellous work and in many ways, I think it has more to offer than the (nice but a little overperformed) Poulenc.

That disc was one of my favourites before it was stolen along with 100s of other favourites :mad:. Quality performances from quality organists - I'm a little surprised that Robert Boughens performance is still the only available recording of the Lovelock. It should be done more often, as should the Langlais (which I once learned but didn't get to play :cry: )


Admiral of Fugues
Soubasse - yep, I totally agree. Lovelock's musical language is cerebral without being boring. He has a certain rhythmic vitality that is, for me, exciting. I'd ordered a copy of the full score from AMCOZ ... can't WAIT to get it!! (unforunately it's in manuscript and a little feint, according to AMCOZ).


New member
I wouldn't put the Lovelock ahead of the Poulenc....

I think we might sense a different purpose/feel/audience/idea...?? .. That to me, is what makes them not well compared...Just a simple view...

My Regards, Ellll


Admiral of Fugues
I ordered the score of this incredible concertante and it turned up ... here's a sample (doesn't breach copyright as it's way less than 10% of the complete work, it's actually 1 fiftieth).

I also love his manuscript ... it's just so beautiful to read (smudged by the publisher, not him).

This is taken from the finale movement were a wonderful and energetic fugue starts (in the strings).

Note to self, get more Lovelock.