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Piano Improvisations and other Piano Music
by Pianist and Composer Frederik Magle

As an international concert pianist, besides solo recitals, Frederik Magle has performed as soloist together with The London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Danish National Symphony Orchestra, and many other outstanding orchestras worldwide.

When playing solo recitals, he has specialized himself in the art of free piano improvisation. Unique music, created in the same moment it is performed thus giving the audience an extraordinary and singular experience that can never be repeated. Only very few classical pianists improvise today, but years ago improvisation was a popular art form performed by such composers and piano virtuosos as Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, and many others.

The music itself is created without any preparation, but demands great mental preparation and virtuosity by the pianist, and an extremely high level of concentration during the performance. Below are examples (and some free downloads) of Frederik Magle's piano improvisations:

Improvisation No. 1 (quiet, contemplative)
KLVR Session (April 2014)


Improvisation No. 2 (dramatic, dynamic)
KLVR Session (April 2014)


Improvisation No. 3 (romantic, pure style)
KLVR Session (April 2014)


Improvisation No. 4 (romantic, melancholic)
KLVR Session (April 2014)


Three improvisations recorded in December 2010 (Grand piano: Steinway model D, Concert grand):

  • Impromptu for piano No. 10 (romantic/melodic):

    Play MP3

  • Impromptu for piano No. 26 (mostly atonal):

    Play MP3

»Tenths on a rainy day« for piano (free MP3 download)
(↑ Right-click to download the mp3 file)


»Ragnarok March« for piano (free MP3 download)
(↑ Right-click to download the mp3 file)




»Sunset« for piano
Romantic piano music (2007)


Piano music recorded in Air Studios, London (Pianist Frederik Magle, Imperial Bösendorfer grand piano):

Pianist Frederik Magle, playing piano

The pianist Frederik Magle can be hired as piano soloist
for concerts and other events internationally:

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