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Thread: 37 years old with the world at your feet...

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    37 years old with the world at your feet...

    Here's a bass singer(Il'dar Abdrazakov) who is at the top of the opera game:

    You can also hear him among other great singers in this Feodor Shalyapin Gala from Kazan:

    Il'dar is the main Bass soloist with the Mariinsky in St. Petersburg since 2000.

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    Great clip: expressive . Had not heard of him. At times reminds me of one of my favorite basses..Demitre H.. THanks for posting.
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    I am speechless! what a voice, thanks CD.
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    What a talented man

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    The guy landed the cover of the Metropolitan Opera's semi-house-organ magazine, Opera News [February 2014]

    I also heard him interviewed (briefly) on a MET broadcast of Eugene Onegin. He makes the too-often-neglected point that the Onegin character isn't the turned heel that he's frequently made out to be. If he was, he would (like Don Giovanni and the Duke of Mantua) exploit Tatiana- rather than initially rejecting her, however brusquely.

    Abdrazakov will be on The Big Screen in early March, in a MET Live-in-HD performance of Borodin's Prince Igor.
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