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Thread: Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 2 [Piano]

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    I recall the movie "Shine" - After it was shown in my former place of residence in Honolulu, the piano practice rooms at the local University Music department were echoing with the sounds of everyone playing or trying to play the "ossia cadenza" of Rach's 3rd...
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    Thank you for your earlier comments Mr. Dolce. I agree, some really play that section "properly." Vladimir Ashkenazy should be the textbook example indeed, he doesn't rush and become sloppy as some do. If you remember the professor in Shine saying, "don't you just love those big chords!" I used to listen to the soundtrack just to hear that cadenza played slowly until I learned more of Rachmaninoff's concerti. Yelfim Bronfman, Evgeny Kissin, and Vladimir Ashkenazy seem to provide the most clear executions, which to me is key to expressing the true sound. Such great music. I have many Rachmaninoff recordings and videos on my YouTube page, some of which are difficult to find. You will see one video that has 30-40 people's cadenza recordings in one video. Playlists are mostly divided by soloist. Enjoy.

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    Hello Chris and welcome to the forum. Trust you will find as much here as I do.

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