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Aug-23-2006, 00:27
I remember the stuff back at the end of the 70s, start of the 80s. You know the stuff: Kenny G; Crusaders; Weather Report; Herbie Hancock etc.

I actually hated it and it put me off the words Jazz and Fusion for quite a long time. My ultimate in hate was Spyro Gyra. It all seemed so wet. I don't mind a few of these things now (must be getting older) but the more interesting stuff from that time passed me by.

What are your pet-hates?

Nov-18-2008, 14:10
my pet-hates today is a large part of the french song scene. i'm talking about what they're trying to sell us on tv and radio, of course. it's all about looks and vocal performance, way beyond aretha franklin's high notes. my musical nemesis could be a beast that has the head of celine dion and the breast of mariah carey.

i also can't stand all this craze about and around gypsy style guitars, "manouche" style. i play guitar, and i listen and play a lot of styles, as much as my skills allow me. but sometimes, it seems people make music just to be cool and to be listened and SEEN as viable artists, when they can do so many other things, for a change.

i used to be tough towards what we call disco. now from time to time i like a bit of it.

i still can't understand what pleasure i can draw from some jazz artists, whom i respect though. i won't start a list of names. music is something so very subjective.

i used to ignore what happened on the hip-hop scene in the early nineties, in the us, in france and uk. today i listen lots of wu tang, cypress hill, tribe called quest, de la soul, etc.

i realized i needed to let the music get old, around ten or fifteen years of maturation in crates, to really appreciate it.

Corno Dolce
Nov-20-2008, 18:59
Aloha sunwaiter,

You mean 15 years of maturation in a cask...:grin::grin::grin:

Al Dimeola and Jean-Luc Ponty introduced me to Jazz fusion and I can still listen to their music everso often.


CD :cool:

Nov-23-2008, 01:37
i wonder if any singer would be interested in those fields:

www.myspace.com/olivortex (http://www.myspace.com/olivortex)

you tell me