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Oct-15-2008, 07:36
Shaun Barrowes is a jazzy, rich-voiced singer and also known as hot adult contemporary artist.

Shaun Barrowes first album of original songs, Big Bang Theory, is a sophisticated blend of jazz-pop, balladry, and big-band theatrics. Barrowes’ clear-eyed enthusiasm is refreshing; his love of the music is contagious. While Big Bang Theory is clearly a nod to a rich musical past and an appreciation of its wide-screen cinema, Barrowes’ pop leanings give the music a contemporary framework—the songs are both a longing glance backward and a running jump forward.

The music takes off due to Barrowes’ considerable talent. Indeed, the record is built around
Barrowes’ voice, piano, and keen sense of melody. He is a versatile musician and performer, playing
lead piano and arranging the record’s far-flung musical parts. And his strong jazz-pop voice
carries inflections of Michael Buble, Sting, and even early Billy Joel.

The record opens and closes with a beautiful, hymn-like “Intro” and “Outro,” which establish a sense of seriousness and reflection. But then first track “Fade” enters and the solemnity is over; guitar strums and hand drums propel the song into funky, hard-charging jazz-rock. The confrontational lyrics (“Do you even have the slightest clue? / What should I do?”) are surrounded by a spinning piano solo and capped off with an impressive vocal scat and keyboard breakdown. Now you know things are happening.

“When I Take Your Hand” pulls back the reins with its timeless appeal; it is the sound of a thousand weddings, a tender-hearted, old-fashioned ballad of newfound love. (“This is a story as old as time / now I can say it’s mine / When I take your hand.”) Barrowes delivery slides into the upper register with confidence, and his piano touch is light and lovely.

“I Love You Today” is a stunning jazz ballad that highlights Barrowes’ impressive vocal skills. He begins in moody reflection, builds to soulful croon, and then smoothes things out in silky melody. Another well-placed guitar solo simmers the music back down to the song’s initial longing.

Rounding out the final three tracks: “Somebody Like You” is pulsing piano-pop. “I Still Loved You,” played with grace and restraint, is a love letter to Barrowes’ younger sisters—a tribute to the changing but loving ties between brothers and sisters. And “For My Sake,” a swelling anthem that expands into peculiar chamber-pop territory, carves out a unique sonic space, hinting at things to come.

In the end, Shaun Barrowes can flat out play and sing; Big Bang Theory proves to be a forceful musical fact.

Track list:
The songs on the album are:
3-Hop, Skip and a Jump
4-When I take Your Hand
5-Like There's No More Love to Go Around
6-Separate Trains
7-In my Back Pocket
8-When I Need You the Most
9-I Love You Today
10-Somebody Like You
11-I Still Loved You
12-Never for My Sake

Check out more at shaunbarrowes.blogspot.com

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