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Sep-06-2009, 00:25
Hello Everyone,

I came across some old tapes of a friend playing the piano, and I would like to know the songs he is playing. Sadly, my friend has passed away, so I'm not able to ask him. I believe the tracks are old Jazz standards. The recording quality is not great, but hopefully someone is familiar enough with the songs to identify them.

Thanks for reading my post, and I appreciate any suggestions you can make! http://www.pianostreet.com/smf/Smileys/classic/smiley.gif


UPDATE: I've managed to identify some of the tracks I had posted here, so I've taken them away, so as not to burden the servers! :)

Sep-19-2009, 20:42
They are familiar, can't place them exactly yet, I'll play them a few more times over the next couple of days,

First one almost certain it's "Little things mean a lot" it stops just a few bars short of completing the phrase so can't be 100% certain, a few more bars of the second one might help too.

Sep-20-2009, 16:48
Thanks Mike!

I agree, the first one is 'Little Things mean a Lot'.

I'm uploading the complete 2nd track, although unfortunately it's not very long at all. I originally tried to upload the smallest files possible because I had several in my post.

Thanks again for helping, and I hope this clip makes it easier! :)


EDIT: Oh, I'll upload the rest of the first track for you too, I admit that it's annoying to have that phrase cut off!

Sep-23-2009, 00:13
That is so frustrating, it's one of those "I've got it on the tip of me tongue" moments, just can't break through, I'll keep trying though.

Sep-24-2009, 10:02
I know exactly what you mean! :)

I originally thought this would be the easiest of all the tracks to identify. But after 175 views on this thread, still nobody has nailed it. It definitely sounds familiar. Perhaps something by Cole Porter?


Sep-24-2009, 17:34
. . . But after 175 views on this thread, still nobody has nailed it . . . M

Not quite ... the majority of "views" on any internet site are done by the web crawling bots and spiders. Actually, a total of 16 registered forum members (to date) have viewed this thread.

Those bots and spiders do not actually "read" the thread, rather they just "index" it into their search engines, so that it will help other people who may be searching for this same data.

Sep-25-2009, 02:12
Oh! I didn't know that. 16 views? hmmmmm, in that case we need more members! :)

Sep-25-2009, 03:02
I'm posting a recording of Avalon for Mike...

When I used to visit my pianist friend, I would test his seemingly endless repertoire by asking him to play old obscure classics or jazz pieces. I had stumbled upon Avalon around the time this recording was made (1997) and asked if he knew it. Well it took him a few moments to remember the melody but, as usual, he was able not only to play it, but to make it sound great. Unfortunately he would get bored very quickly, which means a lot of very short performances in my collection.

He was always one for 'live' unedited recording, as opposed to a rehearsed performance, or one with sheet music - with that in mind, I hope you enjoy the clip. :)

Meanwhile, I've attached another song I am trying to identify....any ideas?

Nov-14-2009, 07:30
The Unknown Tune is
Till We Meet Again
Words Richard B Egan Music Richard Whiting 1918


My mother and Grandpa used to play this on piano in the forties. As a slow waltz. It was very popular.

I have heard but cannot name your #3 On the tip of my brain. I am pretty sure Louis Armstrong played it in Dixieland style. Anyone else?

Nov-24-2009, 01:59
Thanks so much Ray!!!!!

I had given up checking this page for replies! :) It's really good of you to take the time to identify the music for me. I really like the version you posted too.

This just leaves 3.mp3 to be identified! Pretty good going - I had about 20 unidentified tracks at the start of this project.

Thanks again,