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  • I have to check on the exact trabslation, but basically it's 'Honour Bright'. It's the crest of the Buchanan clan. I seem to recall a more exact translation was, Bright Hence Honour. It's not my current avitar though.
    Hi Buchpteclare. I was really intrigued by your posted avatar. As it's been a long time since I studied Latin--high-school, to be exact--could you fill me in on what your motto says? Steve
    [email protected]
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    Your pics are really great. Makes me miss our squirrels from Florida. We had one (Skippy) who took peanuts from our hands. After 2 years he brought "Mrs. Skippy round. Our last year down there they had 2 babies. They used to knock on our window when we were remiss in having peanuts on their little perch on the fence.
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