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  1. Dexibell Classico L3

    Is anyone familiar with this instrument? Impressions?
  2. Johannus Intonat software

    Has anyone had experience with Johannus Intonat software?
  3. Johannus opus 270

    I got a new Opus 270 about a month ago, and am very pleased. Would certainly recommend. Bob
  4. Crescendo Pedal for GrandOrgue

    Does the new release of GO have a facility to add a crescendo pedal? I built my own MIDI control boards using Pete Stark's design, and I can reprogam the processors to do all sorts of neat tricks. Adding a crescendo action would be a bit tricky, but do-able. The real problem with that is that...
  5. Can GrandOrgue open .organ at startup?

    Is it possible to have GrandOrgue automatically open a preselected .organ file when it starts up? I.e. so you don't have to go to file/open or file/openrecent to choose a file? Thanks, Bob
  6. Tremulant speed & depth

    I know this is largely a matter of taste, but what suggestions are there for depth and rate settings for trems - specifically for GrandOrgue, but really in general? I've seen rate settings in .organ files from as slow as 210 to as fast as 120, and depth from 12% to 40%. After playing around...
  7. MIDI expression

    I have built key-to-MIDI boards as designed by Pete Stark []. These are wonderful units that not only cost about half (or less) than commercial units, but are also much more flexible as the 68HC11 processor is user programmable. My question is this...