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  • Thank you for the message White Knight,
    I and mine, are doing well. My wife and I are very busy days, I've taken on some new students, and she's finishing up her degree in music education. It must be a good deal colder in NYC, than here in Oklahoma. Thank you for the offer, and for your kind words. I'll talk to you soon ---Caleb
    Hi thirdcreed and thanks so much for accepting my offer of friendship. I hope you and yours are well on this brutally cold nite. Look forward to seeing your posts, as I have always found them to be extremely well written and thought out. Peace--Steve
    Hi thirdcreed and welcome aboard! I think you'll find this to be a lively and interesting forum with many helpful and interesting members, musicians and non-musicians--such as myself--alike. Look forward to seeing you post in the very near future. Steve
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