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Auditive quality (question)


New member
Hello to all,

Its a long time I was not here and I come with following question, of course speaking of the actual state of the art.

How is the difference of auditive quality on the long run (practice over 2 h / day) between Graqndorgue and Hauptwerk?

I cant do the test myself actually... I am extremly sensitive to this little details.

Thanks in advance,


John Watt

Francois! I'm not a keyboardist, playing a lefty guitar I made for myself,
but seeing "Auditive quality (question)" made me want to look.
Of course, the first thing I would think, if I didn't have my own thoughts,
is what would Jimi Hendrix say, or do.
I am familiar with Hauptwerk as a business, but I don't know what you're talking about.
However, I'm seeing (practice over 2 h/day), and want to question that myself.

Just keeping your balance while you play layers of keyboards and bass pedals,
is tough enough, so I'd be playing until it felt like it was only a natural thing to do.
You are using both your hands and your feet, so you can keep it going by switching around,
until all of you has technique and endurance.
When you don't have to worry about technique, that's when you can really start to listen to others.

I have to say, as far as any keyboard synthesizer goes, that feels like a piano with your eyes closed,
that the very expensive Italian synths are the best in the world.
From Gino Vanelli in 1979, with his brother on a synth with a drummer,
to a franchise business owning friend of mine who just bought a $18,000 Italian synth,
they sound the best.
As Clan Watt, knowing the electrical values of Guglielmo Marconi, that's easy to understand.
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New member
Thanks John,

My question go more to VPO-allergicals like me. I cant practice without a real PO. I tried GO, it was 4-5 y ago. Not bad experience but not easy to accept this sound for hours. Of course the actual version of GO with recent VPO's is surely better. But I would like to know if HW is really a practicable solution, now, for allergicals like me.