Delicious Grace

John Watt

Okay Eduardo! Here's a John Watt political story from Welland.

You know how I complain about the crime family that victimizes this city,
a mother and her fourteen children, taking over with public murders in the early seventies.
I went to the library for an evening of live music, $20 to get in.
There was nice food, finger food and cookies. You could buy a glass of wine.
I got a free pop instead. It was a lounge set-up, not a concert.
After the first singer finished, singing for 45 minutes with a pianist,
one of the female members of this crime family came in with her husband.
She's six feet and he's got to be six foot four or five, a big man.
They sat away beside me and started staring at me.
The library got quiet and the new singer playing piano started.
They sat for a while and then got up and walked behind us, leaving.
I could see them stop while she went in the washroom.

The husband was standing behind the library counter looking at plaques on the wall,
photos of the old city hall, courthouse, jail, you name it. It was quieter there.
I went up behind him and softly slapped my hand down on his shoulder, and he froze.
I said, "yeah, those were the good old days when they hung murderers".
Everyone was listening but no-one said a word. I walked away and he didn't even turn.

A woman who is an organizer for the federal Liberal office in Welland, in an electric chair,
asked me if I would walk her home, close to where I live, and she'd buy some fish and chips.
Get ready for a story.
She's new to Welland, coming back from an I.R.A. conference in Ireland. She's Irish.
Before that, she was in Kenya for emergence aid and had to be evacuated.
She also has a custom, twice the diameter of a flue, stainless steel instrument,
not a fife. Her videos were jazzy-new age and the graphics were nice.

I made the signs for the fish and chip store when it first opened.
That was Paul from Newfoundland.
I'd go and sit in the back and eat fish tails with him.
When his wife left him he started putting his face into the steam too much,
turning red, sometimes looking blistered. I said I couldn't watch any more.
That was over ten years ago.
When we walked in he was there, and he saw me and came to the counter,
saying hello. I said you should tell me to work harder so I can afford to eat there.
When my new friend was ordering her fish and chips,
Paul turned and said give John Watt a double order with lots of fries for free,
and give his friend an extra free pop.
His name on the window and the artwork on the other window looked as new.

I'm caught on a map, it froze and I can't get out,
you know I need to upgrade baby.
Oh, what that device means to me,
seeing my lifes' destiny,
fade away as my battery is dying.

We can't go on streaming like this,
when the bills get so high,
we can't keep texting and texting,
as reality goes by.

Oh, what can you see, when you've muted your screen,
or is it your third tier service baby?
They don't come to repair, your signal lost in the air,
and all you end up seeing is the tears that I'm crying.

We can't link up a new system, with our old bills unpaid,
and we can't begin to be wireless, collection doesn't go away.

oh... only our debts will survive, with our paranoid minds,
you can reboot all you want, we've been booted offline.

Oh, that's all I can see, Niagara water, all around me,
as I float away to forget all of my problems.
I'm going over the Falls, yes I'm ending it all,
so before I go I hope you've found the lap-top.

We can go on forever, with paranoid minds,
They're using spy devices, and we'll always get behind.

They'll be crying over labels, heavy logos all around.
They'll be trying to peel stickers, to make China U.S.A.

They'll be really getting altered, updating two times every day,
and as we're all being monitored, we never felt safe any way.

I woke again.
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