Do you ever " Puzzle Over Love "?


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Have you ever confused about love? what an topic to discuss, right? hahaha...
Care to share your stories or insights in the comments, I'm quite a good listener tho 😃


Last night I was drinking, rolling in some parties, and hearing people throwing my stuff
The got me questioning If I paid my entrance fees, I wasn't properly served
No such a place could keep me out of frame, gotta come up with a better plan
The only reason keeps my stay in rhythm is I thought you'd be my wonderland

I'll soldier on til I get everything correctly done
Every time you come around, I'd notice this ain't sound

Cuz I'm puzzled over love, though many people told me she ain't worth
Yeah, I'm puzzled over love, but why am I supposed to get hurt
She a rose with thorns, came in my zone, pretending she all alone, and took whatever she's longed
I'm puzzled over love

I hate being seesawed, being claimed I'm special as you never truly meant all those words
Too many mysteries have been confusing me, I think I've had it enough
No such a place could keep me out of frame, gotta come up with a better plan
The only reason keeps my stay in rhythm is I thought you'd be my wonderland

I'm puzzled over love, up to the ceiling, no where to hide, it's gonna be like
Military against me yeah, enemies shoot at me yeah, revealing all the lies



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John Watt

This is a wonderful "comment" to reply to, hearing the music and seeing the words. Thanks for posting.
I listened to the top recording, sitting with my eyes closed so I could absorb as much as possible.
The first thing I thought when I saw you asking about hearing about confusion, I was thinking yes.
Jimi Hendrix wrote a song called "Love or Confusion", singing "is this love baby, or is it just ... uh... confusion".
But then I heard your words and I really like them. Your style is so strong I can't suggest any changes.
But I do have some song-writing advice, being inspired by you.

This song is locked into verse, chorus and bridge, even if you call another bridge a pre-chorus.
I never heard of pre-chorus before, and believe me, if there was one I'd be writing some.
And my suggestion is not a hip-hop thing even if I'm adding what sounds like a rap, it's not.
I'm just trying to add a more verbal, conversational aspect to the song,
and as an acoustic guitar performer being more conversational isn't out of place.

I'll soldier on 'til I get everything correctly done.
Every time you come around, I'd notice this ain't sound.
It's noise, like the beating of those military drums,
as I soldier on, to the heart-beat rhythm of the dead or our lives,
even if you depart on your own mission, missing me, missing you,
sending missiles in the air, somewhere my love can't bear,
to be shot down by you, to be shot down by you... it hurts... it hurts...
all this confusion... when I can't tell... I can't tell, all this confusion is using,
is using, is using me up...
John Watt guitar solo

Whew! I got out just in time. At my age I'm confused enough already.
Let me ask, are you singing the song first and then playing guitar,
or are you playing guitar and singing along? It's different both ways.

John Watt

I don't want to edit the previous post because I'm happy to show I didn't have to.
But now, I would change to
"all this confusion is using, is using, is confusing me up..." That's better.


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Thanks for much for your review, I'm truly touched hahah, your words are inspirational too, I like ur insights, and I did play the guitar and sing along hahaha =)))