Editing in notation software


I've been downloading renaissance works from IMSLP, looking for pieces to use on Grand Orgue. I do not play any instruments but "play" from the notation software via MIDI or from a MIDI editor.

I use Finalé PrintMusic for editing, some IMSLP stuff is already in Finalé format, some have MIDI files, most, if not all, have PDF's.

I import MIDI files to Finalé - saves a lot of time instead of entering by hand - I then edit by comparing with the PDF for the work; I'm often surprised at the errors in the MIDI imports, usually things like notes being entered on the wrong staff, and often the wrong type of note, crotchets or quavers in place of minims, but I've also found a few in the PDFs, a recent one has many of the measures missing bar lines.

Any suggestions for improving importing MIDI?

Also welcome suggestions for preventing getting so absorbed in the job that I noticed the time was 2.15AM, (hence having a lie in this morning)