Editing my post


New member
I cannot seem to find a way to edit my own post. Is there no way, or have I just not found the relevant button?

Some forums place a time limit on editing, some don't, but this is the first one on which there seems to be no editing facility. No matter how carefully I eyeball my posts before I click on "Submit", I often notice a mistake afterwards that I did not see before, simply because of the different background, font etc.


Staff member
Hi bob32116,

Firstly, welcome to the forum :wave:

All new member accounts have certain restrictions in place until the user has completed at least 10 posts (anywhere except the community forum) and then after 12 hours have elapsed.

Once the new member has completed that requirement, then they will be able to edit their own posts within a 12 hour window of first submission.

If you need something edited in the meantime, please send me a PM including the link to the posting and what needs to be changed and we will handle that for you.