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Do most folks here use Craigslist and/or Facebook groups primarily when you are buying/selling/trading instruments? Something else perhaps? I recently created an all-things-music classifieds site Music Mecca, and would love if some of you gave it a shot! It is free, and you can also find/post band members, local music, music teachers, music techs, recording studios, tickets, & more in a nationwide city search setting. It's essentially a Craigslist for music (but better than CL).

That being said, I deeply believe this could evolve into the go-to hub for music related classifieds, and would love if some of you gave it a shot! I would love user feedback. Anyhow, I hope some of you give it a try!

John Watt

MattHoward! You're going to think I'm following you around here, but please,
you are one of the few, if not only, members who are posting on these forums,
but don't worry, I'll be brief here, typing a lot to reply to you before, yesterday.
I'll type it again,, all kinds of listings for contacts, services and sales,
having a domain for each big city in North America and in many countries,
originating in Holland. Kijiji Canada is now owned by people in Toronto, Ontario.
In England, it was sold and became Eggslist, if I remember, and Gumtree in Scotland.
It's strange to look at it in India, especially the funeral section, for what goes on there.

As a domain owner myself, a .ca owner, .ca meaning Canada, as .dk means Denmark,
I'm curious as to how you've become "https", not just http.
Okay, okay, after I click "post quick reply", I'll give you a click just to boost your traffic.
Do you have a left-handed section? I'll see.

John Watt

Okay.... you've got a listing in instrument sales for Toronto,
but there aren't any instruments for sale.
I don't know if you had a previous instrument for sale,
and got Toronto going that way, or just picked a big Ontario city.
Toronto's the biggest, but the Niagara Peninsula, with Niagara Falls,
has more global business and many live venues.
In Kijiji, St. Catherines covers this area.

I try my best to dissuade people from getting too caught up in technology,
and I have too many reasons to even begin typing them out now,
but this one is a biggie.
You want to enjoy your old age, when you are older.
Technology is going to keep progressing, changing, leaving some behind,
and you don't want to be an outsider as a senior,
especially if so much of your own labours and enjoyment is involved.
I even heard that the great Greek demi-god, Hercules, is being reborn,
so he can tear the American world wide web to shreds, and free us all.
Addictive electronics, I learned my lesson in the 70's.