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Sage Duvall

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Hello everyone, I know I don't post much but I promise this isn't spam!

I want to talk to everyone about a worldwide project I'm working on.

I work as a promotional agent for a band called Lavola who are signed to Ingenious Records and are preparing to release a new album before going on tour, and I am currently putting together an international cover of the single they're about to release.

Here's my idea:
I'm gathering incredible musicians from all over the world to be featured in a collaborative video where each of you will be shown performing a section of the song, while I overlay your name, city, and a link to your youtube channel while you play.
This way, we'll be promoting you every time someone watches the video, and they can subscribe to you if they want online, or just watch you perform (if you don't WANT to be promoted)

All you have to do is agree, and I will send you an mp3 of the song after it's done being mixed in the studio, and you just have to send me a video of you covering it on either guitar, bass, or drums.

And if you'd like to hear the band to get a feel for their sound, their previous ep titled "Leaving Paris" is on Spotify under their name, Lavola.

Please let me know if any of you are interested, and I look forward to all of your responses!
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Hello Sage and welcome to the forum. i wish you the best of luck with your project and trust you will post a clip here.


Sage Duvall

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38 musicians in 22 countries came together to perform LAVOLA's new single "7 Steps to Hell".
Please take a second and watch this global cover project, and if you like it, please share it with your friends. :)