Gorecki's 3d: a decade after the hype

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In the mid nineties, a recording of Gorecki's third symphony (Dawn Upshaw with the London Sinfonietta under Zinman) sold in equivalent amnounts as pop and rock albums and reached a wide audience. The reaction in classical music circles was rather sceptical at the time. I am listening again at this one, for the first time in years (inspired by a recent visit to Auschwitz), and I am once more completely overwhelmed by its intense emotions. Definitely in my top 10 symphonies of all time.

A YouTube video of the second movement (different soloist and orchestra), actually shot in Auschwitz:


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Thank you for sharing that Art Rock. A very emotional performance, it brought tears to my eyes.



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I agree. That was very emotional. People have always been persecuted
for their faith. This is the messege I got from the video. It's real sad.
Even right here in america someone will get persecuted for their faith in
God. Look what happened at Columbine at that high school. What did
happen during that massicur. Sorry I can't spell.:cry: The video had me
in tears. May these people have a special place in heaven.
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Thanx Art Rock - WOW! I heard this music in 1992 while still living in Europe - the video with this music made me collapse onto my knees in deep sorrow :cry::bawl:


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Gorecki's third symphony was the most tedious and boring piece of music I ever had to listen to, I'm glad it's off the radar now...good riddance. Now, before you soil your diaper, it's my personal opinion on this work.



Well, I was just reading about Gorecki. Apparently his style changed significantly over his career. As most composers' styles do, I guess...

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It is my understanding that Gorecki did much Serial composition before he wrote the 3rd Symphony.


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He also had a fine marketing department. Unlike Beethoven's 3rd Symphony, my prediction is that Gorecki's will not still be listened to in 150 years time ...