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Grandorgue "misinterpreting" keyboards


New member
Hello ! I'm fairly new to GrandOrgue, so I have a problem.

When I try to use MIDI keyboards with the default sample-set on my pc, it doesn't work. Instead, it opens the "messages" window and says for example :
"19/09/2021 13:26:03: 13:26:03: Avertissement :Evénement MIDI:note canal: 1 note: 55 valeur: 117" (French GrandOrgue, yes.)
instead of interpreting it as input. I am using a Dell G3, GO v0.3.1.2330, and an Acorn Masterkey 61 keyboard. It is set as the input for both manuals, and as the only MIDI interface.

When I try it with other sample sets, it activates the note, like if the mouse pressed it, but when the key is released.

I have tried turning off/on, un/reinstalling, updating...

However, it works on my father's PC (Acer Aspire E17) wonderfully, and from the first try.
What is wrong here ?


New member
I must add that we have another keyboard, an AKAI LPK25 and that the same problems also apply, so it's not the keyboard's fault.


New member
Ight, solved it, just didn't set it up properly actually. Set up the whole thing from the menu, and not from right clicking the manual itself.
You've been real helpful :)


Staff member
Sorry about that. We do have someone here who is really into this stuff.