Great music for my workout ?


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Heey Peeps
There is a lot of great debates on electronic music in here. (Im new to this site)
But i am wondering if anyone of you have some great ideas for some workout tracks?
I am thinking of something a bit up-beat, but i would appreciate some new tips!

Thanks in advance, and have a great day all.

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Hello Martin and welcome to the forum.

How about Radar Love by Golden Earring?. That should get you pumping, assuming you are talking about a physical workout.


John Watt

teddy! Just as I began thinking highway tunes, you named one of the all time favorites.
"Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf.
But if our workout artist doesn't want to get cut to the abs, trying to keep up with edgy hot stuff,
he could do some Donna Summer, someone who always gets your, uh, feet moving.
She'll get you going, nice and slow, and then hit you with a beat that's a treat for your feet.
And yes, this retro-disco doldrums is meditative now, in the new millennium.


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Have a good day!