Greetings! Creator of New Music Classifieds Site Music Mecca Here-Learn About It!


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Hello all! My name is Matthew and I am the founder of new all things music classifieds site, Music Mecca. It is a free site where one can find/post band members, instruments, local music, music teachers, music techs, recording studios, & more in a nationwide city search setting. It's essentially a Craigslist for music (but far better than CL). That being said, I deeply believe this could evolve into the go-to hub for music related classifieds, and would love if some of you gave it a shot! I would love some user feedback. Anyhow, I hope some of you give it a try! Thanks!

John Watt

MattHoward, Matthew, good late night! You're not going to like my comments,
after all your hard word, building your own online domain.
I've never looked at Craigslist, and probably forget over ten musicians for musicians domains,
that are being used around the Niagara Peninsula.
I'm assuming you're American, not a Muslim, and think Music Mecca sounds good as a phonetic,
without having any authority to invoke the historic religious responsibility of Mecca as a cultural source.
That alone would keep me away,
even if the only spiritual responsibility I share is being part of Scottish clan systems,
as a Son of Sons and Daughters of the Gael, who speak Gaelic.
It was my mothers' clan system who brought you the Holy Bible in English,
but even that was just a language weapon to use against the Holy Roman Empire,
or the Vatican, if you will. We never were responsible for the content,
even if we can say that Hadrians' Wall fell without a drop of Scottish blood being shed.

That said, more than any graphic arts comment about your pale and basic presentation,
what's with the only white background?
Thinking of your concept, and thinking you expect others to help you fill it in,
I'd be thinking about being local for yourself, your home state,
and franchise the rest out to other builders who could cover their own state.
It's nice that it's free, but that's how most online activity starts before expenses take over.

As another Magle member, let me ask how you fit into all this potential musical activity.
To expose myself, my music domain, recently deleted and beginning to be rebuilt again,
between bands, and believe me, it's been a long time between bands,
I'm, now more about my inventive semi-solid-body guitar.
yeah, these fingers might be working harder to finish my second semi-solid-body,
but they're still rubbing themselves up against a tonal world.
Yeah! A new tonal world, active harmonics like none heard before.

Oh no! Does that come off as too self-promotional, not loving and sharing?
I should burnish myself back into my musical hinterland,
and get the volcanic pumice powder out for a little, late-night semi-gloss.
Please consider the Haida of Northern British Columbia,
famous with all listeners, from the first white men with Captain Cook, to now,
as being the best, uh, choral and coral singers in the world.