Happy to be here!


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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum Please listen to my tracks. I will be glad to hear your opinion here. Thanks!

November Night​

You Make Me Fly​


John Watt

People logging in to promote their own recordings usually don't last very long here.
This isn't what these forums are about, unless you're in the proper category.
You should have told us, or me, more about yourself, as an introduction.
I'll listen to the first one and comment, being an old music columnist.

John Watt

Yes, I remember when this soft synthesizer piano sound came out, and that drum machine, wondering about the semi-shreiking bird sound.
The bass is disappointing, especially the tone, and it's too loud. That's what I'm getting out of it, loud bass and drum sounds, with some piano.
I can think of a lot of songs I can sing to this, wondering why you didn't get better bird sounds.
In case you're wondering, I'm using Altec Lansing bass-powered stereo speakers.

John Watt

After the first one I had to give the second one a chance, hearing a big difference right away. Guitar, not semi-shreiking birds,
and a female voice, almost like the Girl From Ipanema. Maybe this is an update, wearing a virus mask to go with her bikini.
Make me fly, take my heart up to the highest sky, make me float, let us drift away alone, make me fly, make my fly.
The drums and bass are now sounding like that "History is just repeating itself" song, with Shirley Bassey, a huge hit.
I'm hearing some tasty piano riffs now, just one note at a time, but getting into it as the song fades,
softening up in rhythm almost like a Pat Methany samba.