Hello to all...


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Hey I'm Timothy:grin: and I am a music fanatic... I play a little guitar and can improvise on the piano...I am seriously interested in scale theory and foreign scales. I am a budding electro musician and enjoy creating music using software, midi, instruments and anything that makes sound... I would like to meet other musicians who are into creating their own melodies and who might enjoy hearing some of my new electro songs. Im more of a new age musician, and am more into MIDI improvisation than classical scores but I have an adept musical ear and look forward to my future in musical composition, either MIDI electronic or classical symphonic..


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Hi Timothy and welcome. You've come to the right place. Hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to start a new thread in which you can share your music with us.



Welcome to MIMF . There are many composers, musicians here inm all genere and many in your field of interest. I am sure they will be of help to you and you to them..Not my style of music but I do listen on occasions. I am probably more to cross-over side then progressive.


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Hello Timothy

Welcome to this great place, I look forward to hearing some of your music.