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I'm the proud owner of a Dexibell Classico L3, finally working towards learning the Pipe Organ at 78 years of age!. My Dad was a great sight organist, classically trained and has passed on the joy that the pipe organ sounds give. I've helped build/reassemble a small Conacher pipe organ and learned how to tune it. My background is in electronics both repairing same and even board assembly. have written some technical articles on valve amps and preamps. Ambition is to thouroughly understand the vast capabilites of the L3. and extend its midi capabilities into a theatre organ. Lindsay George.

John Watt

You're living in the best electronic era for your midi pipe organ simulations.
Are you only concerned with scientific tuning or do you allow environmental influences?
Is Mosfet technology relevant for you?
Someone who still doesn't understand Hammond B3 oil is asking.
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