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I watched a PBS documentary on the Medici and there were a few songs that I really liked. I believe that they are in Latin and maybe be Christian chants. I may be wrong. I have tried to contact PBS and they have not responded. And I really want the name because I just get the chills when I hear it.

I was hoping that maybe someone here would be able to help identify them. There a a few but I would love it if someone knew the name of just this one:

Here is the link for the video on YouTube:

the song starts at 23:27.

Thank you for your help and I hope this works!


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welcome to the forums of Magle International. I listened to the music.. I do not know the name of the piece... sorry.The melodic line ringa a bell:but alas to peel ...LOL


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Hello, welcome to the forum. I am afraid do not know what it is, but do stay around, hopefully someone will know.



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hmm, sounds like an imitation of old music. Maybe it´s just by the composer of the series, Christian Vassie?
medici - godfathers of the renaissance

To shed some light on this: I composed all the music for the series except for the brief extract of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus towards the end of episode one.

The various other choral works have lyrics in Italian. One of these 'Echo la Primavera' is a lyric from the 13th century, the others have Italian lyrics by myself. I confess that writing the lyrics was as difficult as writing the music since my Italian is fairly basic! The choir that sang the music was my local church choir in Wheldrake, England.

I have been touched by the many emails that continue to arrive asking whether the music is available on CD. The answer is, unfortunately, no. I did produce a CD of music from the series but the US company that owned the series rights decided they did not wish to release it. They have since gone bankrupt, I understand. As I had sold my rights in the music to this company it is unclear how any CD might ever be released.


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Sorry for bumping this 2 year old post back in but I have to add to the O.P.'s statement about getting the chills when he hears this because that is exactly how I feel about it. I first watched the Medici Godfathers of the Renaissance in a DVD from my local library and I was stunned by the soundtrack it had.

I hope C. Vassie isn't too tied up with his work as a politician and have some spare time for composing because he is amazing.

Thanks OP for making this thread and thanks Christian Vassie for bringing the light with the facts about it.


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Hello and welcome to the forum. I enjoyed the links and applaud Christian for taking the trouble to reply. Is it not possible to buy the CD rights back from the administrators of the bankrupt company?



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Sopranist from "The Medici"

Hello Christian,

Thank You for creating such beautiful work. I really enjoy the sopranist. The is a particular piece that really captivates me. It is in part II The Magnificient Medici. The piece starts in 42.24.

I would like to know if the sopranist has any recordings available. Also, what church does she sing in Wheldrake, England?

I think there is an audience for the soundtrack and I am surprised it has not been released.

Again thanks for your work and contribution.



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Hi Christian,

I have been looking for ways of getting in touch with you and I hope this is my chance.
You have done a fantastic job with the soundtrack of The Medici and believe me when I say that I've been looking for information on the sundtrack for at least four years...! Don't you have a copy of the track in your records? And is it not possible to contact the bankrupt company? wouldn't they have it in archives? Is it not possible to compose the same again? I am sure you would easily sell thousands of copies...!
There is an opera on the episode 3/4 - minute 2:00 - is it possible to give me the name for that?