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I just read Gareths post about time travel wich lead me to a copmletely different topic-horoscopes...
What signs are you guys and girls;) ?do you belive that your date of birth has something to do with the way you live??

curiously yours


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and I do believe that it might have a large effect if you believe in it. I've had tons of fun with people (usually girls) ask me which star sign I am.. and I often go lion or scorpion or something.. and most times they say yeah I expected that on the way you.. [and then they compare with some actions that match the kinda starsign you are.]

I know tons of people I wouldn't relate to in one way or another that are the same starsign as I am..

But who knows.. I might have missed some bigger picture.


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Hey, I am Taurus too, but I don't believe in Starsigns. I don't see how the position of stars can effect your personality, and who made up this stuff in the beginning?

You'll find that there are many similarities between star signs, some of them don't make much sense, and I have found with mine, it is basically the complete opposite of me.



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I don't usually believe in these things, but when you think about it, I really match my sign; I love water, being a really good swimmer and I'm a social person.

But, then again, almost every person in my immediate family (except 2 people out of 9) are all Aquarians and we're all different. So... you really shouldn't rely on horoscopes telling you how you're supposed to act and think. Personally I don't care whether Mars is anywhere in orbit with Pluto, wont affect me in any 'vibes of concern' or however.


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Hi every one...
I'm glad to know your stars signs,but I agree with Gareth tkat your horoscope can be the opposite of you...Recently I found an reason for that(at least the astologists say so)They say that till your 25 your sign rules but after that your other sign(the one you find by your hour of birth)rules and there might be something in it.
I didn't belive in horoscopes either but it's fun to explore that area of our life also...and I found that something,at least the main characteristics are incomen for some signs....
I'm libra if someone wondered why I have questions like these:)

Thanx for your reply,I'm looking forward to talk to you soon...

yours truly

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I'm Taurus...
Don't believe in the star signs though.... I'll read it very rarely if I come across one, but think it's a load of rubbish.... anything that barely resembles my life is pure coincidence.


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I'm a Cancer and the personality does suit me quite alot, but actual horoscope predictions are nowhere near for me. Interestingly though, my Mum finds that alot of the people she knows and gets along with are Cancers. Might just ne a coincidence, but who knows??


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who made up this stuff in the beginning?


I don't know who started it but as an impoverished student in the UK I did my share. I used to write them for a local paper. It was easy money for about 6 months until they gave the task to a staff writer.


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im virgoan but then i dnt believe in horoscopes. but still iv read a bit about mine and found that mostly of what is said there about character traits-i found them in me!


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I'm quite unusual that I am both fairly active in astrology (committe member of the Scottish Astrological Assoc.) and also increasingly a sceptic about most of the hot air and practise of it. But then aren't Geminis supposed to be sceptical? Incidentally, I just started composing what will be a Zodiac suite (using standard classical orchestra). As far as I know, no-one has done this before. We have Holst's Planets and Nielsen's excellent "Four temperaments" 2nd symphony but not the signs?

PS this forum is full of interesting topics --am really glad I discovered it just last night. I might try and read the danish entries but my Danish isn't good enough to try and write back though.


Hi dko22,

I wish I understood any Danish!

About the Zodiac Suite- are you familiar with Mary Lou Williams, the jazz painist? She wrote a Zodiac Suite in 1945, I believe, but not for classical orchestra. It`s a jazz work in which she uses some classical orchestral instruments. I have yet to hear it...

Anyway, great idea for a classical piece; best of luck!


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Taurus here ... I really don't rely upon my 'horrorscope' :rolleyes: of the day until the day after ... sometimes it exactly matches what transpired in my life, and other times it is quite the opposite. It does make for intertaining reading.:crazy:


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I'm Scorpio and I do believe in Horoscope and this stuff. And if your horoscope doesn't suits on you it's because we have more starsigns.


Well...it turns out Pluto isn't actually a planet, so I suppose every horoscope before now has been wrong...:rolleyes:


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want to feel the sting?

I don't really feel that horoscope predictions work, but who knows? The idea that stars and planets affect human beings I find acceptable but I think being able to measure that effect with any accuracy is practically impossible. I believe the importance given to birth times and dates don't make sense because it's foolish to think that the planets start affecting the person only at birth; they should have an effect right after conception.
Any comments?


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Astrology offers very interesting insights into the personalities of oneself and others, but predicting the future is always a little here and there. Also it's good to remember that there are a few star signs that influence our character - the sun sign is the most well-known one, but there is also the moon sign (the relationship between these two is also significant), along with venus (the love planet) and mars, and probably more as well.

I am a triple Aquarian, which means that my sun sign, moon sign, and venus are all in Aquarius. :D

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Strangely enough I see better results in terms of predicted character traits with the Chinese horoscope (which is based on year rather than month, in a 12 year cycle, or a 48 year cycle if you take the refined version). I am a (fire) rooster by the way.


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I don't know who started it but as an impoverished student in the UK I did my share. I used to write them for a local paper. It was easy money for about 6 months until they gave the task to a staff writer.

~~LOL~~ Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

I used to do natal charts when very broke a number of years ago.

I no more believe in it these days than I do in fairies at the bottom of the garden or bearded men in the sky.

Oh, Saggitarius, by the way. :)