How to improve our voice quality


HI, as you know singing is like a language, a body language.

what can you do if you don’t have a good voice but want to sing?
How can you improve your singing voice?
What are the best singing tips out there?
What should you focus on when you practice singing?


First of all you need to set up your clear voice. And after that you will be able to learn some vocal techniqs
The better your physical shape, the easier it is to sing. If you run, ride a bike, rock the press or even pull iron, singing will be many times easier.


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iwan ruby

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everyone will certainly have a different voice character, if in singing, of course the character of the voice will lead to what kind of genre is being sung! although actually there is no rule of what voice character should sing what genre! i sing in two bands with different genres and to be honest i never learned singing technique, i just try to do some exercise every day even for a little bit.. of course, the goal is to keep the body in good shape, because with a good body condition, the voice character when singing will be better!

John Watt

Okay, I'm coming at you from the wide world of pop-rock and disco,
as working with managers and agents, people who make the music business.
I know what a manager would do when he met a new vocalist.
I would ask them to sing while I put my hand on their stomach and small of their back.
As they were singing I would press my hand into their stomach to push more air.
That would tell you how much is left for volume, whether it's too much or too little.
If you're singing at full volume all the time just to be singing,
you won't last long if you're singing every night onstage as playing six-nighters.
And then I would say if you're going to sing every night don't shout during the day,
talk softly, and don't eat for hours before you have to sing.