iPad Pro 12.9


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Bought one of these earlier this year (wife finally said "yes" to make the purchase) for the main purpose of uploading my PDF library of organ scores and using this instead of having to print out copies all the time.

I also bought the app ForScore (~$10 US) which allows sorting into composer folders, and extensive annotation via an Apple pen.

After a few weeks of pulling my hair out trying to understand Apple technology having never used this particular OS before.

Now very much into its use - and have used it extensively this past weekend for my church services: preludes, postludes, liturgy and hymns. Certainly removes all the paper clutter off the music rack!!

Anyone else using an iPad Pro for this purpose? What are your experiences you would like to share. I am still learning about this and that, within the ForScore app as well as the iPad itself.

I bought the largest SSDD I could get (256 GB) and WiFi capability. I did not opt for having mobile phone access.

I can always connect via bluetooth to my mobile phone should the need ever arise. My Son recently upgraded his Samsung android and gave me the old one (Galaxy Note4) and now I have unlimited phone and text. My old mobile was a Motorola clam-shell.