Luís André - Fear of the Island (Original Composition) piano


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Thank you Luis, nice tune and nicely played. You may increase the dynamics in your composition by letting the left hand also play the melody.

John Watt

So Kjelle, you're too polite to say "fear of the left hand".

I really like the title, Fear of the Island, what could be local, here and there, for me.
Lots of little islands around here, in former canals, feeder canals, hydro canals, locks drainage... yeah.
But I'm not hearing any fear here, or even some slight agitation.
If I'm standing on the island, with this music, I'm looking around, looking around here,
saying look at the trees, there are some coconuts, look at the jungle going up the mountain,
oh, there's a waterfall, now looking away at more trees,
and then walking down the island, seeing more trees and waves, until the sun sets,
and I'm sure I'm not afraid, yeah, I'm even looking forward to spending the night.
Where's the penguins?

Noto Von Heft

Watt iz ziss, fear of the island, fear of the left hand?
I can only surmise,
that a wave from my right hand,
would wash away your musical life.
You sirs, have no shore-sounds shame.