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80s 90s rock band from Israel. they got several songs sound quite similar to Madness's.

The Machine Dance, Madness One Step Beyond

Night Train to Cairo, Night Boat to Cairo homage


Touched the Skies

WHY Politics Now?

Goodbye Youth Hello Love

Reunion show 2003, No Other Place

2003, Something Small and Good

John Watt

Mash, as in a rave, electronica mash, is a high-tech audio trip, computerized actions.
Using mash with ina, a phonetic, "machine" sound, is a nice play on words.
This is taking a global appreciation of musical sounds and putting it together as a band.
Without listening, they have to be sensitive, rhythmic players.
May the spirit of this musical undertaking, still be a defining energy in their lives.
Look to that identical copy of Solomon's temple in Scotland, that you can attend.
Leave behind that already buried by nature, old wall. That includes human nature.
The Great Spirit of Northern, Central and Southern American natives,
is now ready to come out as Christianity, the greatest Christmas precedent of all.
Sorry to say for Europeans, as much as all your propogated history, you can just watch as white men fail.


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I was curious about the name too.
the story behind the name takes the members back to the army days, they had a friend there, a new immigrant from Russia, they asked him how to say in Russian "short-timer's chart" and he said "Mashina vremenei" (time machine). this is also a name of a Russian Rock band.