MIDI problems with Win7


For some years using WIn XP I was able to run Finalé notation software to "play" GO, MIDI yoke worked fine, Finalé out to MIDI yoke 1, GO in from MIDI yoke 1 no problem.

Since moving to Win 7 pro 64 bit, I'm experiencing considerable grief, Finalé Print Music 2014 will not retain MIDI yoke 1 as output device unless you open the FIN.INI file and edit the "Outname=" line and then dare not open the MIDI set up within the programme; MIDI set up in GO also seems to be a bit less consistent.

Using MIDI-OX to monitor things doesn't seem to be much help either, more often than not producing a MIDI feedback error, rarely happened on XP.

Saving the Finalé work as a MIDI file and using GO's Play MIDI option works, but doesn't allow for stopping play, doing a quick edit, partial rewind and restart, doing that stop-edit-start using Finalé out to SmartSynth doesn't always show up problems that would be more evident with GO.

Frustration rules!!!!!!!