New Age Classic


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Enjoy this New Age Classic:
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  • The precious love of God come down from Heav'n to earth below, the riches of your saving grace no tongue can all explain, down on my knees I bow and joy to raise my voice and sing: precious is He that bought my soul, great is the love that saved me when I was down on muddy ground and brought me to joys above.
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  • The light of God that rules the world has from on high appeared, your radiance beams thru all the earth and chase the darkness flee, the straying ones in awe rejoice the path of life to find; shine now and glow sweet guiding light, spread forth to all your beauty till all the earth your glory feel and never be gloomed again.

John Watt

While I can respect the amount of talent and technology it took to produce this music and video,
I can't in all good graces call this a New Age classic.
The music is too ordinary, sounding like too many other productions,
and the words aren't hymn worthy. I'm wondering is this is translated from another language.
There is a lot of self-discipline here, just not the joy and energy of what such a love can do.
For one example, there is no such word as "gloomed" in the English language. It's only gloom, usually with doom,
as in gloom and doom.
The light of God that rules the world, has from on high appeared. His radiance beams around the earth,
and pushes the darkness away. The lost sheep have regained their path, now shining in the sweet light.
God said He spread His spirit over all the earth, and He keeps us in His sight.