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In May, this year (2003), I finished producing and editing a new CD called "Kosmos". It will be released later this year or early 2004...

UPDATE: The CD "Kosmos" was released on the danish label "Classico" on August 11, 2004. It can be ordered and shipped worldwide from this store

Two of the pieces on the CD can be downloaded for free in full:
Click Here to download »Phoenix« [9.3 MB, 160 kbps MP3] or go to this page to download »Cantilena«. You can also download a large excerpt of the title work »Kosmos« from this page.

The performers are: The Cecilia Choir (conducted by Gunnar Svensson), Signe Hyldgard (soprano), Martin Palsmar (barytone), Anton Lasine (violin), Nina Schlemm (harp), Ole Andersen (trumpet), Klaus Jerndorff (organ) and myself (organ, track 11 & 12)

And the programme:

1. Niels W. Gade: "Morning Song" (choir)
2. Frederik Magle: "Phoenix" (choir & organ)
3.-10. Gabriel Fauré: "Requiem" (choir, soloists, violin, harp & organ)
11. Frederik Magle: "Kosmos" (trumpet & organ)
12. Frederik Magle: "Cantilena" (solo organ)
13. W.A. Mozart: "Ave Verum Corpus" (choir & organ)
14. C.E.F. Weyse: "Night so deeply quiet" (choir)

I hope you will enjoy "Phoenix", "Cantilena" and the rest of the CD!


The Cecilia Choir (Gunnar Svensson and I standing on the right, Klaus Jerndorff on the left, back)

»Phoenix« for choir and organ is copyright © Frederik Magle and may not be altered or redistributed in any way without express permission. You are allowed to link freely to this page. You are not allowed to link directly to the MP3 file (hotlinking) without clearly stating the copyright and linking to this site as well. The music has been uploaded for free download with the consent of the copyright holders and in accordance with Danish and international copyright law.

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Some more info about Phoenix

Here are the lyrics (translated from danish):

Phoenix shines
Phoenix is radiant
Like The Morningstar
It revives
And lives
Even when Man perishes

Phoenix lives
Phoenix dies
But is one with eternity.
It brings kindling to the flame
Set alight by

I spend many months composing this work. There is quite an attention to detail, which might take more than one listening to realise the full scope of. Also, there are a some secrets within...

If anyone is interested in the full score, then please contact me (an excerpt is available here). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them here.


Re: Some more info about Phoenix

Thanks Again for The Translation.I Know Frederik.!!!
1000 Hours is a Long Time,BUT....My FRIEND....Look what The Result is. As I said when I first Met You...Brilliant.!!!
Every Time I listen to it I get more & more...AHHHHHH..There are Secrets.!!!! & it all comes down to "The Magle Style & Expertise/Art of Composition". Be Proud. As I have said to You before,it is a Privilege to have YOU as a Friend here in Australia. You started Composition when Very Young and I have Managed to hear Most.Not All YET. Think of What is to Come from You in the Future.You do Denmark "Proud". Thanks & God Bless. pamadu/Paul.

Frederik Magle

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Re: Some more info about Phoenix

I'm pleased to announce that the CD "Kosmos" will be published (and publically released) on the danish label "Classico". I will post more info about availability etc. when it is released in a few weeks.

Yesterday (Monday, 12th) I spend 10 hours optimizing the audio on each track for the very best possible sound and I'm really pleased with the result, hope you will be too!

Frederik Magle

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Re: Some more info about Phoenix

The CD "Kosmos" has now been released on the danish label "Classico" (catalog No. CLASSCD 478). It can be ordered internationally here


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Kosmos CD

Zuko, did you obtain the Kosmos CD through that Danish label Classico? Recently? How long did it take for you to receive it, and what country are you in? I ordered it a few weeks ago and have heard nothing from the company since then, and my emails have gone unanswered.