Pretty well moribund


There's a new JHC post here, a reply to me about a baroque bass instrument.
He's an older member from New Zealand who hasn't posted here for over six months.

When these forums went down when the whole domain underwent new construction,
maybe four years ago, a lot of members lost a number of replies. I lost over 1,200. But that's okay.

OH that is unfortunate. How long had the forum been going before the changes were made?

John Watt

elderpiano! I saw your question and decided to look. I've been a member since 2008.
I'm not sure how long has been here.
It has been offline three times since then to be reconfigured.

I'm also not sure how the domain works for members any more, after the change.
I know you have to have so many posts before you can use photos,
and you have to keep posting to up your photo count. That might have changed.

Ella Beck

There's certainly a bit more life about MIMF these days - unfortunately, a long way short of making it a going concern again.

Ella Beck

:) Goodness knows what impression some of the wilder posts on MIMF make on music-lovers wanting to join a forum where they can make friends with sensible people, share real-life experiences, and follow up genuine information...
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