Rick W poorly?


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Just heard Rick Wakeman has cancelled all his gigs until the new year because he's been advised not to over do things following a health scare after Easter. That means Wakemanfest is postponed! The only gig he's doing is this Friday at The Roundhouse at Barrow Hill near Chesterfield. Just had a look and they show as having tickets.

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I hafta admit, I'm typing more about seeing your user name, EngineShed.

However, is this health scare related to why he quit Yes, for a while,
and then came back?
That's the only time I saw him live, touring with Yes, playing in the Buffalo arena, 1978 maybe.
He had a lot of theatrical props, calliope horses around a round stage, but didn't use them.

But to be open and honest,
"Gates of Delirium" offa "Relayer" is my favorite overall Yes.
Can you be honest, as a local?
As an international looker, does this mean Rick can't sell a big tour,
and is just playing a local club? That's a far better gig to be in, for everybody.
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Just reading the new Rolling Stone this morning, and Rick's in it.
He's been part of a touring Yes band, just not using the name.
Steve Howes' Yes band is also touring and using the name.
A 50th reunion tour is not only anticipated, but predicted,
where they all will be using the name.
Yes never did become No.

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This thread has been languishing with my name on the forums for too long,
so I'm going to type something new you can say this thread inspired.
What am I seeing on You Tube as recommended videos, and lots of them,
after I looked at Ian Gillan talking about Deep Purple?
There's a world of videos of old rock stars who aren't in bands or touring any more,
talking about other members and what brought them down or tore them apart.

Paul Stanley is getting a lot of support for coming out and describing the last Kiss tour,
and why it was so poorly attended. And yes, members dying or being incapacitated is part of it.
Robert Plant has lots of videos, talking about everyone, and he looks really zonked.
At least he has some new videos out featuring his latest band.
It gets me to see musicians who criticized Jimi Hendrix commenting on him now,
as if they were getting into what he was doing while he was alive.
Using a Marshall stack with that volume and having effects as psychedelic sound was the complaint,
many of these guitarists who switched to a Strat and Marshall after Jimi passed away,
advertising themselves as "plugging straight into the amp", not using any effects.

Maybe I should do a remake of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and call it "Ghosts Riffing in the Sky".
I wouldn't use the original country bass, I'd add the bass from "Pipeline" by the Ventures.
And just like country bands do answer songs for men to women or women to men,
this could be the demonic answer song to "Castles in the Sky". Can you dig it?
"that fast satellite passed as its signal fell, and this riff went through my brain,
I could hear the songs of those who are gone, classic rock ghosts are falling like rain.
I tossed my device into some old tumbleweed, and got on my guitar to take my own lead,
when I pulled on the strings it started to rise, sending my sound up into the night,
with ghosts riffing in the skies, I can get to harmonize".

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Ringo... not the words Lorne Green sang when he starred on Bonanza.

He lay face down on the parkway grass,
with an empty pipe that was made out of glass.
Passed out from behind, he could have been dead,
because the fentalyn could have gone to his head.

I turned him over and pushed on his heart,
hoping some CPR could get it to start.
In the distance I heard the ambulance siren,
as tourists stopped to get their cameras going.

Ringo.... (with a lower voice) Ringo...

Someone said hey that's Ringo, he's at the Casino,
with his travelling rock star band, I heard he lost at keno.
It must be those Beatle hits coming from Parkway speakers,
that got him outside where the air pressure is deeper.

He started to cough and reached for his pipe,
but the medic saw that, and with all of his might,
held him back until restraints kept him lying on his side,
so he could sign autographs and give everyone an invite.

The new mist storm along the gorge around Niagara Falls,
blows sideways and blows away what you shouldn't find,
not the pop cups or wrappings that are always left behind,
but the smoke of the powders that take so many lives...

She lay face down on the Parkway grass,
beside the casino... her bets in her hand,
people passing by said she wore a nice dress,
even if her face and body looked like a mess.

No-one stopped in case she was contagious,
seeing the skin that she picked off her face,
parents said children you should erase this,
as photos were sent to foreign places.

The water kept rushing, the Falls kept falling,
Ringo is still onstage, the only Beatle left playing.
I rode my bike along the Niagara Parkway,
wondering what I'll see by the light of day.

They lay face down on the Parkway grass...
they made it that far on the tourist path.
The numbers of dealers are written in chalk,
there for anyone who has to go out for a walk.

He lay face down in the desert sand,
clutching a six-gun in his hand,
shot from behind I thought he was dead,
for under his heart was an ounce of lead.
Ringo... Ringo... now on tour in the middle east.

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Thinking about all the old and perma-stoned rockers out there commenting on their careers,
and the careers of other musicians, makes me think this fresh-faced trio of female singers is needed here.
This old movie segment challenges my idea of what entertainment is. Five minutes long.


I was surprised at the number of bands doing their version of "Highway Star" by Deep Purple.
Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar and the bassist from Van Halen, with Joe Satriani on guitar, were very good.
But again, celebrating rock as classic rock isn't rock and this is the new millennium,
where all old songs need some kind of upgrade.

Nobodys' going to drive farther, than my economy car, car, car,
it's got such a small engine, and I get gas with a debit card, card, card,
oh... it's a cheap machine... there's no big warranty...
yeah... I can drive it, yeah...I can afford it, yeah... I can insure it... yeah yeah yeah...
all right... all right... I'll let you in with the remote entry.

my car is looking down the road, 'cause it has automatic brakes, brakes, brakes,
it corners just like it should, I bought the computer assisted steering option,
oh... when the air bag blows... I take a big hit in the face...
yeah... I can park it... yeah... I can charge it... yeah yeah yeah...
and in the ratings it got four stars... it got four stars... I. drive. a. four. star. car...
guitar solo, featuring a Boss portable amplifier on the dashboard,
and someone in the back seat trying to play along with a ukulele.