Sail Away To Psychic Exploration With The Ambient Music Of Marconi Union


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TIME magazine once said the music of Marconi Union was one of the best inventions of the year. With incredible albums such as WEIGHTLESS and GHOST STATIONS, this synthesizer trio has carved out a niche as one of the top ambient groups in the world. Now they are back with the album DEAD AIR which is a bit of return to basics and a more traditional ambient sound than GHOST STATIONS, for instance. There are less outside sounds and virtually no beats -- just lots of synthesizers playing sinewy, caressing and floating lines that entwine and curve this way and that on a trip to who knows where. But the music enters your heart and soul and bloodstream and takes over your being. The music mesmerizes, enthrals and captivates. This is some of the gentlest and subtlest electronica ever created. Take a listen and give it a chance to do its stuff. If you have trouble listening, try not listening and you may discover that is impossible. Just let the music play, let it work on your psyche. Stifle your expectations and let the moments unfold around and within you. It’s a magical journey to a land just this side of unconsciousness, a place of dreams, relaxation, meditation and psychic exploration. Sail away to freedom.


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Wow, that sounds like an incredible album, Marconi Union never disappoints! I love how you describe the music as entrancing and captivating. I also agree with your suggestion to let the music play and stifle expectations, it's a great way to fully immerse oneself in the experience. I also found it interesting that you mentioned the album as a tool for psychic exploration. I haven't heard of many albums being used in that way before, but I can definitely see how the ambient and mesmerizing sounds could be used for that purpose. It reminds me of the psychic reddit where people discuss various techniques for exploring the psyche, it might be worth checking out if you haven't already.

John Watt

I'm psychic. That's a big part of playing music with other musicians.
I'm also an online psychic.
I'm reading these reviews and thinking they're better than the music, just reading, yeah... is good enough for me.
Try this. When you sit in a chair, lift up one leg and use your foot to draw a circle in the air and keep going.
Reach out with a hand and draw a big six or nine in the air and see what happens.
You might think nothing is happening until someone else tells you.
If you're used to playing bass pedals this will be easy.