The construction of a new pipe organ in Jørlunde Church

Frederik Magle

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Hello Luis,

The concert on November 8th went very well indeed - the church was packed to the last seat and beyond :)

The program I played was:

Olivier Messiaen: Le banquet céleste
Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata & Fugue d-minor (BWV 565)
Frederik Magle: Rhapsody for organ "Viva Voce"
Frederik Magle: Improvisation
César Franck: Choral No. 3 in A-minor
Samuel Barber: Adagio for strings, op. 11 (arranged for organ by William Strickland)
Frederik Magle: Fantasia for organ "To Become" (written for the new organ)
Charles-Marie Widor: "Toccata" from the 5th organ symphony
Frederik Magle: Improvisation (extra)

On December 21st and 22nd I did a marathon recording session in the church, where I recorded both "To Become" and "Viva Voce" as well as approx 8 hours of improvisations, from which I will select material for my next CD to be released this year.

I will post some "teasers" soon :)


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Gorgeous, absolutely stunning in appearance and design. A wonderful compliment of the old and the new ... like it has been standing there for many years.

I know you were involved right form the beginning design stages on this instrument, but wondering if you also had input on the case and pipe layout as we see it here?

Frederik Magle

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Thanks, Lars.

I can't take credit for the stunning visual appearance which is the work of the architects Inger & Johannes Exner. Of course, they're created the design from my specifications for the organ, and I've had a say in certain details (such as the width and depth of the instrument which I had increased 10 cm on each side from an earlier draft to allow for wider pipe scales - and other technical things like that, e.g. the placement of certain pedal pipes, etc.), but the way they've realized it is their work of art.


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i.e. Article.... very well done and quite informative article.. Thanks for update.. Bill
Jeg er glad for jeg m et dig på MYB stedet og fandt din sidde. Du er en fantastisk talentfuld Muscian og ven. Har fn på Chopins Celebtration. (Brugt oversætter .... LOL)
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