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John Watt

Oh! This is interesting already. I just riffed off about psychics for an American talk show host,
who was doing a program about psychic fraud.
This is the first time here I cut and paste something I word processed elsewhere,
thinking yeah... I think it's an interesting read...
and when I log in here and see "Open Debate Forum" the first thing I see is "an interesting read".

I know this is going to be registered left to right or composed as various lengths of lines,
as I like to do,
but even if this gets to be a big block of font, I think it's important as a forum topic.
When I was younger I never would be exposing myself this way, and while Denmark is over the ocean,
the American talk show could let local people see my name and what I say.
This is also me emerging, or surfacing, or having an extended long play for public perception,
as a musician, finishing my guitars, getting my amp together anew,
and starting a new band. For the first time I'll be using an electric guitar and portable amp,
to travel so I can sing and play my songs to help get things going.
Are you sensing the promo? Here we go. Published 3/18/2019 with no edit.
This is just how I talk to new listeners, sometimes, if you let me.

If all you do is want to talk about fraud artists, say psychic fraud artists and leave real psychics alone.
Real psychics have an ability they cherish, and that sense only informs them of this extended perception
of the energies around them. Seeing someone advertising themselves as a professional psychic is like
seeing ads for "girls girls girls" when it's about prostitution. Even that deep aspect of human nature,
what creates new life, can be perverted. Quiet psychics who let others sit with them to talk and touch
and see what happens might be more outgoing, but that also is a good way to experiment with this ability.
We all are psychic. Look at the word, going back to psychological, right up there with physic based reality.
I have never met anyone who said they could talk with the dead, and I'm asking you again, look at the word.
Dead people can't talk, not physically. Any physical voice you hear can only be created in our reality as a fraud.
What is human nature for all natives who live close to nature and still live within their native community,
is having a visit from their departed loved one. Some peoples find that person sitting in the kitchen the most,
and this all happens within twenty-four hours. What really happens is an intersection of the electronic realities
of our brains and the electronic realities of our earth and its' atmospheric levels. Your loved ones can come
to you in your dreams. You might just see them, but something about them is an act of love for you,
making you feel better or inform you. You might hear your parents talking to each other about you, and it's
so absorbing you don't regret not being able to join in. And you would be insane not to do what they say.
I wouldn't be as psychic as I am if it wasn't for a woman and a man who came up to me after I finished
playing in a band in Niagara Falls. They asked me if I was psychic because they thought I was. This was a
very good looking woman in her mid-thirties tripping around with a psychic friend, an early twenties school
teacher. They affected my mind, I could feel it, just what they said and how they acted, so I decided to let them
pick me up the next week to go with them to a house in Chippewa for a psychic meeting, no money, just
fourteen people who got together for an hour or hour and a half of relaxation and focus exercises, and then
experimenting with what they could do. I kept going for eight months. I experienced it and saw things happen.
My life has only deepened all around me, making this world and all living creatures an enchanted place to be.
Being psychic is better and works more when you are with other people who are receptive this way.
And by the way, what is the most psychic creature on earth, according to scientific study. There is one creature
on earth that can communicate about which direction to go, and has the farthest mind-to-mind connection,
and that's ants. There is one mammal in North America that has incredible psychic abilities, and that's bats.
They even fly. Is it psychic when you see birds and fish swirling around in the thousands, making shapes
and traveling together?
The United States went through a very public psychic phase. Think of it as the time of Harry Houdini.
Even the presidents wife had psychic meetings in the White House. People lived their lives based on what
psychics told them. Fraud became rampant, and Harry Houdini, back then, was known more for exposing
psychic frauds than his dramatic escapes. I see the United States as being lost in a new form of psychic
fraud that couldn't exist before, and that's watching artificial visuals, losing your own sense of reality as you
absorb the unreality you are seeing. You can even say that satellite beamed hand-held devices are a false
expression of a psychic ability, say, as twins have, being able to communicate over long distances.
All I can say is we have to be real and live real lives, and being psychic is a part of our human nature.
I'm for real, here in the Niagara Peninsula. So are you, reading this. When the full flow of water went over that
falls, local natives didn't visit it up close because the heavy negative ion release made you feel sleepy,
and they described that as stealing their soul. What you are reading is being generated by electrical energy
from Niagara Falls, living proof of that power in our lives, invisible electricity, but you understand that.
If you are having a problem with your brain or anyone elses, I'm still here. john at johnwatt dot ca
The greatest psychic of all time could heal your body as well as your mind...........
and what psychic moment did that thought give you? May All Peace Be Upon You.

John Watt

Are you feeling a little psychic tonight, like you see some global future coming with your global mind?
Hmmm! That record-setting fire in California that is still burning here and there,
destroying the biggest enclave of rich Hollywood stars, a citythat is called "Paradise"?
Is that making you think of the spread of American-style racism and serial killing to other countries,
such as New Zealand, where the Mosque/Temple was located in Christchurch, and while they prayed?

Is the fact that a Republican member of the American House of Representatives,
can stand up and say Republican President Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel,
make that a continuing part of this developing Biblical theme?

Psychics need to know, before the only answers they have are just blowing in the wind.

John Watt

It's an ordinary part of our psychic brain, putting together the reality of our lives,
with everything else we see and hear all around us through artificial content, including books.
When I say putting together, that's resolving all this information into an understanding of who you are.

As an aside, this is a very important song-writing tool, using information about our lives,
and using it as innuendo, being more generic, having an over-view, instead of one specific story.
You can call that having a global mind or developing a global consciousness.

Hearing American news about their attack on Iraq, are you aware of this information,
and if you are, did you have the same psychic realization I did when I first heard?
Some background: Iraq is where the biblical Garden of Eden was as a geological location.
That is ordinary history, but it wasn't mentioned at all in any American media that I was observing.
Americans built huge hydrofoils to carry a minimum 200 soldiers, so they could take over oil rigs in the water,
before the land attack or any notification of any intent of war was announced.
Americans built huge bulldozers for the desert war with the soldiers of the Iraq army, dug in for battle.
In one afternoon, over 40,000 Iraqi soldiers were buried alive, what can only be called a slaughter, not a battle.
When President George Bush attacked Iraq, he bragged about reducing that country back to a primitive society.
For the next ten years, whenever an antenna was put up on top of a building that building got blown up.
Americans built an enclosed and armed city for over 5,000 Americans, so they could run the oil infrastructure.
This was called "The Green City", a reference to the Garden of Eden. It really should be red for blood.

Did you hear about the new bomblets, where one device would open in the air above a crowd,
so that hundreds of small bombs would fall and start exploding, killing everyone who was there.
Another application of this new "bomb/missile" technology was targeting smaller targets as one explosion.

When I heard that, my first thought was "those tiny falling Sparrow missiles do not meet His gentle view".
If I can remember a Holy Bible quote: "even one tiny falling sparrow does not meet His gentle view".

no... no... no... not all... I'm not going to start singing "I am the walrus, goo-goo goo-joo, goo-goo goo-joo".
It's one thing to have your own psychic sense of reality, it's another for some drug-addled crazy to get into your head.
Because, "here, in the end", after "all the love you take", their guitars were gently weeping.
Don't forget, when recordings were first made, forcing someone to listen to the same thing over and over again,
was the first American style of brain-washing.
Nowadays, you can be psychic, but you can find out someone else can wash it all away.

That was a big responsibility on the part of Scottish people when they considered a Holy Bible in English.
When the people of Europe began to read it after English translations were translated to individual languages,
it was understood that people would put together the teachings of the Holy Roman Empire,
with the actual words of Jesus of Nazareth and the history of His disciples,
and while the ideal result would be a reconciliation between Vatican scripture and the actual Holy Bible,
it was also seen as resulting in the crusades, when European countries would attack Holy Roman armies,
and create wars for political independence.

That's as heavy a psychic thought, and psychic responsibility, as any humans on earth could be expected to bear.
It takes a very strong ancestry to conceptualize this concept of cultural reconciliation, and have the resolve to act on it.
Scottish people also invented the first encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia Britannica, and it had graphic artwork.
They wanted to show the people of Europe that the natives of the new world, the Americas, including India,
weren't just "running dogs with no language or prayer," as those empire building nations called them.
As a simple intellectual exercise, that was more immediately effective.
Scottish people also invented the "Merriam-Webster" dictionary, to standardize a prophesied global language,
and to clarify any arguments about words in the encyclopedia and Holy Bible.
Americans glommed onto the dictionary, in their country, saying Noah Webster started it.

All of these publications have been usurped, taken over by empire building countries,
even if authentic Holy Bibles are still available, and the original Merriam-Webster dictionary set the global standard.

Words, you not are what you think, you are what you read.
Is this coming together in your mind?

John Watt

"Is this coming together in your mind?" After all that typing I end with a big sentence mistake.
That should be "Words, you not only are what you think, you are what you read".

There have been countless global psychic moments since my last reply, about Notre Dame burning.
Here, a global psychic moment is having a sense of loss, or any feeling, if you never were there.

Hey! Hey! Are you going retro on me, starting to think about the pyramids of Giza in Egypt?
Get a grip on a more global mind!
Did you know there is a country on earth that has a pyramid three times as tall as Giza,
that is covered in flat, white ceramic plates?
American surveillance photography in the First and Second World Wars took photos of it.
The government of the country used to take photos of it, and it's mentioned in old books.
This country has now used construction equipment to cover it over with soil,
and they're planting trees in tight rows all over it. Where?
China! And there was no collusion with Russia.

John Watt

elderpiano! I'm surprised to see another member doing a reply here.
This is one of those threads I started to keep replying to myself, getting used to it here.

Now, back to the thread topic.

I've always been down on people who sit around and cry watching technology,
especially if it keeps the grief or sorrow of loved ones, or previously loved ones, alive.
Here's an article that describes how just stopping to take a photo or video can impair your brain.
The physic and the psychic are what we are.


The white type on this board does gives me a headache too bright against the blue, so I thought I'd try and change to soften the harshness of the white to gold. What do you think is easier on the eyes?

John Watt

elderpiano! The first thing I did when I got my first computer set-up,
was ask a friend to come over and turn down the screen, way too bright.

When I was a child, my father asked me what my favorite colour was.
I said I'm not sure why, but I like the yellow and the green the best.
My father got a big smile, the colours of Buchanan tartan.

I was looking at the seaweed caught around the spokes on my bike this morning,
and thought this coral colour, with this green background, uh... makes some artistic sense.

In a previous reply I described how artificial technology can keep the grief of lost loved ones going.
I added a link to a study that showed how stopping to take a photo or video can impair your brain.
This link is about adults who played Pokemon as children, saying it creates a Pokemon center in your brain.
Pokemon is just one example of a visual image that can create it's own dominant neural network in your memory.
For me, that's not the best way to grow my brain. Where's the music in that?


John Watt

It was very nice to see a reply from elderpiano, when I already had a posting planned out.
elderpiano picked a color he described as gold, and it is easier on the eyes.
This brighter yellow, that would be called gold by Scottish people, is about tartan.

But as a psychic encounter, and what could become a violent, psychic use of font,
let me attempt to provoke you by asking, what do you think of when you think gold?
Is it the metal or the sun?
You are who you think you are, most of the time.
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John Watt

A big part of being psychic is the sense of your own self-identity.
I'm here to add a link to this news article about feminism in Denmark.
Don't ask me why, but Denmark seems to be getting a lot of attention in American media.

Feminism is a reaction to a society that demeaned women, to put it politely.
In North America, feminism started off a gender equality but became more about American identity.
Germaine Greer wrote "The Female Eunuch", where the cover art showed the torso skin of a female,
hanging on a coat hanger. Many women who weren't New Yorkers and into the cocaine scene didn't like this.
Feminism became, as this book title shows, about "zipless sex",
saying that if you were womens' lib or feminist you should want to enjoy anonymous sex with a stranger,
saying that's what men do. I know I don't. I just looked. I'm still a man.
I have more to say, but that's all the time I have for today.
In the late eighties, I had two different women ask me out for supper, saying they wanted to pay,
saying it was a womens' lib and feminist thing to do, and that's all they wanted to do,
was take a man, okay, the lead guitarist in the band, out for a nice lunch in a restaurant.

People from Denmark! You might recognized someone in these photos.
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It was very nice to see a reply from elderpiano, when I already had a posting planned out.
elderpiano picked a color he described as gold, and it is easier on the eyes.
This brighter yellow, that would be called gold by Scottish people, is about tartan.

But as a psychic encounter, and what could become a violent, psychic use of font,
let me attempt to provoke you by asking, what do you think of when you think gold?
Is it the metal or the sun?
You are who you think you are, most of the time.

What do I think of when I think 'Gold'?
Well I guess, wealth and purity, but they don't necessarily go together. ;)
I think I like Diamonds more than gold though. That's because I'm female.
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John Watt

Well, will wonders never cease. I always thought you were a man.
Diamonds, for me, are like white bread, eating white meat and lobsters.
I like coloured stones, garnets, opals, and I used to have a rock collection as a teen.
Because you fooled me as a member here, I'll share this little told story.

I had to be transferred to another grade school after grade four.
When I went to a new school after my parents moved,
I was the only boy there who liked to kiss girls, called necking back then.
Every recess, morning and afternoon, different girls wanted to be necking with me.
Sometimes, I'd walk girls home for lunch or after school and neck on the porch.
By the end of grade four, there were only two girls I didn't neck with,
and sad to say, one was because one of those girls died of yellow jaundice.
My mother thought that girls liking me and wanting to kiss me was really nice.
However, later on, they had to make a rule, no nudity with my girlfriend in the house.

When I had to take a bus to get out to this other school out in the country,
sometimes I'd walk home in the summer.
A little bridge went over a stream that was a breeding ground for river fish,
seeing gar, pike, carp, trout, almost different all the time. Lots of turtles too.
A new subdivision with groundwork showed a lot of pink clay.
I would bring that home and make a cup or saucer of plate,
and mom would bake them in the oven, but they didn't last long.

I admire you for having purity on your mind. I don't.
Unless it's the Purina cookbook my mother had,
where she wrote her versions and added her recipes,
the one thing I said I really wanted when we talked about inheritances.

Today, it's the annual Million Dollar firecracker show at Niagara Falls, above the Gorge.

Oh! Please don't think I'm being just sexually suggestive.
I call myself a born-again virgin because I haven't had a girlfriend for over twenty years.
What was my birthday kiss?
There are now more Indians from India in Ontario than there were Canadian natives.
I live in a building owned by a family from India.
The building, up there in stone, is called "The Alexander Building".
My fathers' first name was Alexander and that's my middle name.
Some of my earliest memories are coming here with my father,
so he could test the tubes from the TV and radio to rotate them.
A local Ojibway woman, upon hearing of my lack of a birthday kiss,
in front of my building, said I could kiss her cheek and I could kiss hers.
That's what happened, but traditionally, like that, in front of witnesses,
I should be engaged. I feel engaged, typing to you now.
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